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PKULS held Law Popularization activities in "4 · 15" National Security Education Day and 2021 Peking University Legal Culture Festival launching ceremony

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Party history education and mobilization conference, and to transform the educational achievements of the Party history study into the practical fruits of volunteering propaganda and doing practical things for the masses, in the coming of the "4. 15" National Security Education Day, Law School held a series of publicity activities of "learning the history of the Party, keeping the original mission, practicing the rule of law and protecting national security" and the launching ceremony of 2021 Peking University Legal Culture Festival.



On April 15, the volunteer of the Law School distributed the well-designed case manual to the past teachers and students to explain the laws and regulations related to national security, and help the overall national security concept enter the mind of the Peking University students. In the award-winning question and answer session, the volunteer students designed and produced cultural and creative products containing legal elements as prizes, encouraged and guided the students to learn national security knowledge and Party history knowledge in the interactive question and answer session, introduced a variety of question competition systems to enhance interest and participation, effectively enhanced the effectiveness of law popularization and publicity in the school, and enriched the content of Party history learning and education.



In order to create a campus atmosphere for publicizing national security laws and jointly safeguarding national security, and further enhance the awareness and consciousness of teachers and students to be the firm defenders of national security, the Law School, relying on the Legal Aid Association, continued to publish a series of tweets on national security education and law popularization Online from April 9 to 14, innovating ways and means to popularize legal knowledge related to "national security". Through the interpretation of real cases, it emphasizes the responsibility and obligation of all citizens in maintaining national security, and strives to promote the overall national security concept to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.



At the same time, the Law School actively mobilized and strongly supported the students to combine the voluntary service of law popularization with "doing practical things for the masses", so as to practice the youth responsibility in practice.

On the evening of April 9, law school volunteers held an online video linking for more than 700 teachers and students of Xingren middle school in Danzhai County, Guizhou Province, to give a lecture on the publicity and education of juvenile law popularization, which included case interpretation, teaching and entertainment. Through the explanation of the overall national security concept, prevention of campus violence, identification of telecommunications fraud, and keeping away from Internet crime, the lecture strengthened the legal awareness of local students and helped the construction of the rule of law at the grassroots level.



On April 10, the Law School volunteers went to Weixiuyuan community and Yandongyuan community to carry out the law popularization activities of National Security Education Day, vigorously publicized the constitution, national security law and other laws and regulations, and provided "one-to-one" free legal consultation service for the community masses. They made detailed explanations and patiently answered the legal issues that the masses focused on. The atmosphere on the scene was warm and harmonious, and the community people's participation interest was high and the response was warm.



On April 16, with the theme of "safeguarding national security and fulfilling civil obligations", the Xinjiang branch of the 22nd Graduate Education League of Peking University, organized an online law popularization lecture for more than 200 teachers and students of Miaoergou middle school, Shuixigou Town, Urumqi county, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. By explaining the legal knowledge of national security, revealing the close relationship between safeguarding national security and protecting personal interests, this lecture guide local teachers and students to deeply understand the overall national security concept, and consciously take the initiative to safeguard national security.



National security is closely related to every citizen. It is the duty and obligation of every legal person to strengthen the publicity and education of the rule of law and enhance the national security awareness of the whole people. As an important part of the law culture festival of Peking University in 2021, the "4.15" National Security Education Day publicity activities of law school effectively link the inside and outside of the school through a variety of publicity and education forms, make full use of the information dissemination platform of new media, expand the new position of law popularization publicity, form the radiation guidance effect, and cause high attention and wide participation inside and outside the school. It fully demonstrates the national feelings and responsibilities of young lawyers in Peking University! Next, the law school will continue to thoroughly implement the series of important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping on strengthening the cultivation of rule of law talents and the relevant requirements of Party history learning and education, so as to guide students to combine their professional studies and to work hard in the service of the people.


Translated by Renee

Edited by Renee