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2020“PKULS Marathon” Tech Games Held Successfully

After the aftermath of the COVID epidemic, in the warm spring sun, the finals of the 2020 "PKULS Marathon" Tech Games officially opened. Teachers, alumni, and cute children gathered in "Heshenghui" sports playground in Chaoyang, Beijing on the morning of March 28, successfully completing the final schedule of the 2020 "PKULS Marathon " Tech Games.



Lu Jiangnan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of PKULS, thanking everyone for supporting the alumni activities as always, and cheering for the participating teams in his speech.



The final competition for the 2020 "PKULS Marathon " Tech Games began in a warm atmosphere.

Players fighting for the final competition


Although the competition was fierce and the players must devote themselves to it, the joy in their hearts also keeps coming out with sweat. The alumni showed their spirits in this competition.

Alumni in the final competition


Children reaped the fruits of growth in the final competition. This is not only an experience of enjoying sports, but also a warm parent-child time, where adults grow up with their children.

Children in the final competition

Alumni and their children


After fierce competition, three teams won the competition and received rewards.

First place

Second place

Third place

Winning teams sharing their happiness


So far, the 2020 "PKULS Marathon" Tech Games series events have all successfully concluded. Let us look forward to the arrival of the next "PKULS Marathon".


Group photo of participating teams


Translated by: Zhang Dayuan

Edited by: Zhang Dayuan