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PKULS was Awarded the “Advanced Unit of Safety Management” by Peking University

Under the background of the raging epidemic, 2020 is the most special year. Peking University attaches great importance to safety work, and held safety management work meetings and organized on-site inspections for many times to ensure that the safety management work of each unit is not slack. According to the overall arrangement of PKU, PKULS closely focuses on the main line of "COVID-19 prevention and control", cooperates with the security department to carry out various safety management work in an orderly manner, and earnestly grasps the implementation of various safety management systems. While strengthening self-conventional safety inspections, PKULS carried out various forms of safety education and fire drills to eliminate potential safety hazards, further improve the management level of security work of PKULS, and create a healthy and safe learning and living environment to provide reliable security to the orderly work and development of PKULS.



From December 1, 2020 to January 12, 2021, the department of public security took the lead in organizing year-end safety inspections and evaluations and hidden danger rectification work. On March 4, PKU held the "Peking University 2021 Spring Semester Campus Safety Business Work Conference" to summarize and report the safety management work in 2020. PKULS was awarded the "Advanced Unit of Safety Management in 2020" (a total of 10 units in PKU won this award) and "Advanced Individuals in Safety Management in 2020".



"Safety has never been a small matter". In 2021, the Law School will continue to work hard, continue to do a good job in safety management, increase inspections, strengthen safety education and safety training, and actively implement PKU's safety management policies to escort PKULS's teaching and research work, and to provide strong support for the development of PKU's related work.


Translated by Yin Ziyou

Edited by Yin Ziyou