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The Party branch of the administrative Library of the law school held the organizational life meeting in 2020

At noon on March 19, 2021, the Party branch of the administrative Library of law school held the 2020 annual organizational life meeting in conference room 307, Koguan Building, to carry out branch appraisal and democratic appraisal of Party members, and to deploy and mobilize the work related to the learning and education of Party history and commemoration of the centenary of the Party. 32 Party members and activists of the Party branch attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by the Secretary of the Party branch——Mr. Shi Shi.




Before the meeting, the Party branches held a group meeting respectively, focusing on the Party constitution and the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, and guiding the party members to deepen their understanding of Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, deepen the understanding of the objectives and tasks of China's economic and social development in the period of 14th Five-Year, and deepen the strengthening of grass-roots party organizations and the Central Committee of the party. Grasping the relevant requirements of Party members' team building will lay a solid ideological foundation for organizing life meetings and carrying out democratic appraisal of Party members.


After the meeting, Shi Shi made a report on behalf of the Party branch committee of the administrative library. He seriously summarized the work of the Party branch in the past year from several aspects: fully doing the epidemic prevention and control work, giving full play to the political leading role, firmly implementing the work deployment of the party organizations at higher levels, regularly carrying out the party's organizational life, and strictly supervising the daily education, management and supervision of Party members.




Four Party group leaders, Du Xuejiao, Pang Ziyu, Qin Jiangying and Fu Chengyu, reported on the relevant situations of their party groups in conducting centralized learning, heart talks, criticism and self-criticism. The party members at the meeting carried out self-evaluation and mutual evaluation on the aspects of firm ideals and beliefs, fulfilling their duties and obligations, contacting the masses, promoting social morality, honesty and self-discipline and abiding by the party discipline and national law. After the appraisal, all Party members, activists and mass representatives shall fill in the examination tickets of the Party branch and the votes of democratic members.


At the meeting, Shi Shi conveyed the spirit of the speech made by the leaders of Peking University on March 15 at the Party history learning and education and the mobilization and deployment meeting to celebrate the centennial of the founding of the party and the "implementation plan of party history learning and education of Peking University". From eight aspects of the main learning content, three stages of work arrangements and ten key tasks, he guided Party members to deeply understand the great significance of carrying out party history learning and education. The staff fully discussed the specific work plan of the branch from the aspects of work ideas, activity contents and forms, activity resources and channels, which laid the ideological and organizational foundation for carrying out the party history theory learning and education practice activities with rich content, flexible form and high efficiency in essence.


Finally, Deputy Dean Yang Xiaolei, made a summary speech. Yang Xiaolei affirmed the work achievements of the Party branch in the past year. He hoped that the Party branch would further organize the comrades to keep learning and thinking, actively participate in the work, provide a strong organizational guarantee for the improvement of the comprehensive ability of the administrative department of the college, and complete the Centennial work of learning and educating the party history and building the party discipline as required.



Organizational life meeting is one of the important links in the annual work of the Party branch. By carrying out centralized learning, criticism, self-criticism and democratic appraisal, we can exchange ideas and summarize our work, so as to lay an ideological foundation for the work of the Party branch and the self-development of Party members in the new year. The Party branch of the executive library will continue to strictly implement the requirements of the school Party committee, earnestly organize and study Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with China characteristics, closely organize the work of the administrative service center of the college, organize the guarantee and coordinate the linkage, and promote the construction of "double first class" in Colleges and universities, and constantly carry out the education of party history.


Translated by Renee

Edited by Renee