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The quality of undergraduate education in Law School is well received

Recently, the results of the graduate questionnaire of the undergraduate education quality survey of Peking University were released. With an overall evaluation score of 1.80, the Law School ranked first in the Humanities and Social Sciences Department and second in the whole school. This fully reflects that the general education, professional education, student activities, interdisciplinary training, academic research and other education and teaching contents, as well as the professional system, course selection system, GPA system, comprehensive test system and other teaching management systems have been widely recognized by students.



In recent years, the Law School attaches great importance to undergraduate education, actively adheres to the concept of "three education", adheres to the combination of theoretical teaching and practical teaching, practical ability training and innovation ability training, always regards student satisfaction as an important indicator of the quality of running a school, and pays attention to the design of a new teaching system in combination with the differentiated reality and personalized needs of students, creates a good atmosphere between teachers and students and cultural atmosphere, and effectively enhances students' sense of happiness, gain and satisfaction.



Translated by: Yue Qian

Edited by: Yue Qian