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"Promoting the Great Anti-epidemic Spirit, Practicing the Patriotic Health Movement" educational activities was successfully held in the Law School


In order to further implement the Xi Jinping’s important spirit of speech on the National Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Commendation Conference and the spirit of essential instructions on the Development of Patriotic Health Movement in the new era, centering on the fundamental task of educating people, the Law School organized students to carry out a series of joint educational activities from October to December in 2020 to promote the comprehensive development of students' moral, intellectual, physical, and artistic, and take practical actions to welcome the 100th anniversary of the founding of Communist Party.

The Law School attaches great importance to the educational activities of student Party and Youth League Day, and encourages students to carry out diverse and rich thematic activities and establish excellent models, which greatly enhance the enthusiasm of the party group to improves the effectiveness of activities.



From October 29th to 30th , the Law School held the 2020-2021 school year fall semester meeting, which named "Promoting the Great Anti-epidemic Spirit and Practicing the Patriotic Health Movement". Lu Jiangnan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Law School vividly introduced the significance of the activity and called on the party group to widely mobilize all students to vigorously promote the great anti-epidemic spiritually and deeply. Shi Shi, Assistant to the Dean of the Law School, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Director of the Student Affairs Office and Zhang Jianing, Zhang Runzhi, Li Hejun, Deputy Directors of the Student Affairs Office and Li Wanyu, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee made specific arrangements for the development of the activities and introduced the relevant guarantee incentive measures.

On the evening of October 18th, the Law School held the 33rd Party Knowledge Training Course mobilization meeting in the Lecture Hall of Leo KoGuan Building. Lu Jiangnan gave a vivid lesson for the party activists, and effectively mobilized all the party activists to participate in the movement.



On 23th October, Law School organized the activity of "Promoting the Great Anti-epidemic Spirit and Practicing the Patriotic Health Movement". Shi Shi pointed out that the key members of the league school should take up responsibilities and take the lead in achieving “eight consciousnesses” based on the understanding of the spirit of Xi Jinping’s important speech and the promotion of the great anti-epidemic spirit. Subsequently, Li Wanyu, the executive deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee, led the key students of the Youth League to learn about campus epidemic prevention, winter infectious disease prevention, garbage classification and recycling, environmental protection, and other knowledge related to the current patriotic health movement.

During the two months, 28 student party branches, 43 student league branches, and 43 classes of the Law School have formed effective linkages.



Carrying forward the great anti epidemic spirit and cultivating the youth's patriotism

Patriotism is the source of strength to fight the epidemic and the core of the patriotic health movement. Students organized the "Institutional Thinking of Epidemic Prevention and Control" study session. The meeting invited Professor Dai Xin to share his feelings. Dai Xin provide students with a comprehensive perspective to understand the epidemic prevention and control, combining with his article "Information Governance in the Prevention and Control: Practice and Ideas" written during the epidemic. Students deeply realized that the epidemic is a major challenge to the public health service system and national governance system of various countries by comparison.

Students continued to hold reading activities, and organized to study Xi Jinping’s thoughts to explore the profound reason of the great success behind the fight against the COVID-19.



On November 16th and 17th, students organized sharing sessions of Xi Jinping’s thoughts of law. Lu Jiangnan and Li Wanyu led students to visit Xiangshan Revolutionary Memorial Site in Beijing, welcoming the centenary of the founding of the party. They learned the revolutionary spirit of the forefathers and expressed youth patriotism.



The Youth League School of the Law School organized students to visit the Chinese People’s Revolutionary Military Museum. Zhang Jianing, Full-time Counselor, analyzed the international situation before the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea in detail, and gave a detailed account of the key battles in the War.



The Legal Aid Association launched a series of activities to popularize the law on Constitution Day, giving full play to professional advantages, popularizing constitutional knowledge, and promoting the spirit of the constitution. In Midu County, Yunnan Province, where Peking University’s counterpart support for poverty alleviation and development has just been lifted out of poverty, volunteers from the Legal Aid Association held lectures on constitution and legal knowledge for teachers.



Promote a healthy lifestyle and show youthful sportsmanship

Exercise is an important way of patriotic health campaigns and improving health literacy. Students held a friendly badminton match. With the sweat and laughter, the students deepened their feelings, relaxed their minds and bodies, and exercised.



Students also carried out environmental protection voluntary services in the Olympic Forest Park.



Build a civilized and hygienic campus

Under the background of the normalization of the epidemic, the construction of a civilized and sanitary campus is even more necessary.

Students took campus epidemic prevention, environmental protection and conservation, garbage classification, and physical and mental health as themes, learning lots of things through activities.




Students carried out “Cleaning out Dishes Action", displaying the results through the WeChat public account, inspiring and attracting more students to take practical actions to reduce food waste. Students also carried out the "Clean our dormitory" hygiene evaluation activity.



Post graduates conducted empirical research and analysis on the "Cleaning out Dishes Action", discussing how to avoid waste and contribute to creating an atmosphere of shame for waste and pride in saving.

Ph.D. maintained a healthy and civilized environment with practical actions. Members prepared gifts to condolences property personnel and assist them to protect campus.



Students carried out waste propaganda volunteer service activities in Leo KoGuan building and they also posted garbage tips on the corresponding trash.



On the evening of 13th November, the Law School held "Focus on Mind" meeting. He Li, a PhD in Applied Psychology from Beijing Normal University and a psychological counselor, was invited as the keynote speaker to help students through performances. By listening to the fellows, students resonated deeply and empathized with each other. They became less nervous and more brave and firm.



The employment situation is severe under the impact of the epidemic this year. In order to alleviate the psychological pressure and anxiety of graduates in job hunting during the graduation season, the Law School held a number of talent salon employment seminars, providing a good employment information exchange platform for students.



In the next stage, the Law School will continue to actively implement educational requirements, deeply explore the ideological and political education elements of the "anti-epidemic spirit", give full play to the advantages of students' self-education, self-management, and self-service.


Translated by: Liu Shuyu

Edited by: Yue Qian