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The Law School successfully held the work conference of the whole School

On the afternoon of January 13, the law school's work conference was held online through Tencent conference platform. Law School Dean Pan Jianfeng, Party Secretary Guo Li, Deputy Dean Yang Xiaolei, Xue Jun, and Che Hao, Vice Party Secretary Piao Wendan, Lu Jiangnan, and all faculty members attended the meeting online. The meeting was chaired by Dean Pan Jianfeng. At the meeting, the leaders of PKULS introduced the development of various tasks this semester based on the background of epidemic prevention and control.   

Party Secretary Guo Li reviewed the development of party building work this semester from the aspects of implementing party member development, conducting special studies, and improving system standards, introduced and affirmed the results of the whole school’s concerted efforts to fight against the epidemic, learning and implementation of the spirit of important speeches, and strengthening the construction of teacher ethics, and the latest achievements of international exchanges and cooperation of schools such as the global chair "Cloud Classroom" combined with the training goals of foreign-related legal talents.



Deputy Dean Xue Jun introduced the overall situation of the scientific research work this semester, focusing on the institutional norms and policy requirements of the research center.



Dean Pan Jianfeng introduced the school’s enrollment, teaching, scientific research, administration, alumni, domestic cooperation, academic work, publicity, personnel and other aspects in turn, and summarized the active implementation of the responsibilities of epidemic prevention and control, steady promotion of daily teaching practice, and reinforcement of the "First Classroom" and "Second Classroom" collaboratively to educate people, promote scientific research innovation and for think tank construction, and once again emphasized that all faculty members must strictly abide by the school's epidemic prevention and control requirements, and do personal daily protection.



Finally, Dean Pan expressed his sincere gratitude to the faculty and staff for their hard work and selfless dedications during the special period, and encouraged the faculty and staff to make persistent efforts and jointly help PKULS to reach a new level.


Translated by: Jing Changheng

Edited by: Yin Ziyou