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Peking University Law School visited and conveyed greetings to students staying at school during the Spring Festival

From February 9 to 10, the main leaders of PKULS led some class teachers, second class teachers and counselors to visit the students who stayed at school during the Spring Festival and send them the care and blessings from Law School for the New Year.

As a result of the epidemic, 240 Chinese and foreign students chose to stay at school during the winter break this year, and many of them spent the Spring Festival in an alien land for the first time. In order to comfort the homesickness of the students and to create a warm and peaceful festival atmosphere, the Law School prepared the Spring Festival gifts such as Spring Festival scrolls and snacks, together with masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes and other epidemic prevention materials, which were packed into a "Warm and Safe New Year" gift package.

Under the leadership of Dean Pan Jianfeng and Party Secretary Guo Li, Vice Party Secretary Lu Jiangnan, Assistant Dean and Secretary of the Youth League Committee Shi Shi, class teacher representatives Zhang Zhiyong, Chen Zhihong, Dai Xin, Dong Bin Yu and Bian Renjun, second class teacher representatives Wang Hua and Wu Xu, full-time counselors Zhang Jianing, Zhang Runzhi, Li Hejun, Li Wanyu and Shi Moran, part-time student counselors Lu Sentong, Yin Ziyou, Wen Yuting, Cao Jiahui and Zhou Lu visited 201 student dormitories to sympathize with the students who stayed at school and distributed the New Year's gift bags to them.

The leaders and teachers of the Law School had a cordial conversation with the students, asking them about their feelings about spending Spring Festival at school, the development of their studies, and the difficulties and needs in their daily lives. They also urged the students to combine work with rest and make good holiday arrangements, communicate with counselors when having difficulties, and PKULS would be in time for them to solve problems. Counselors and teachers gave students a detailed introduction of the holiday activities prepared by PKU and PKULS,  encouraged the students to take an active part in the activities, to work regularly, to exercise regularly, and to have a happy and fulfilling winter vacation.

In the winter vacation of 2021, the number of students staying in school is far more than in previous years, and the students who leave school and return home also face many risks and uncertainties. In the face of the new situation, PKULS makes early study and judgment, makes full preparations, and adopts comprehensive service guarantee measures to provide strong backing for students to stay at school and return home. The 24-hour on-duty hotline of the Student Affairs Office provides consulting services for all students in PKULS and deals with relevant issues in a timely manner. All full-time counselors one-on-one contact with the students staying in school during the Spring Festival to escort the students' holiday life. Under the premise of meeting the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, PKULS organizes the vanguard of the party members of the remaining students and the youth volunteer service team to carry out mutual help and mutual assistance. In addition to preparing love gift packages for students staying in school, PKULS also carries out featured heart-warming activities such as Spring Festival couplets collection, fitness check-in, and cooking sharing. Through a full range of management services, care and ideological guidance, PKULS ensures that students in various places spend a safe, fulfilling and warm holiday life, and are fully prepared for the start of the new semester.


Translated by: He Jinghan

Edited by: Yin Ziyou