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"One person, one story"Law School Psychological Workshop Held Successfully

On the evening of December 21, 2020, the "one person, one story" Law school psychological workshop was successfully held in the Moot Court of (Leo) Koguan Building. "Sunflower Troupe" is invited as the guest of performance. Full time counselor Zhang Runzhi and more than ten students participated in the activity.

The theme of this workshop is "farewell to 2020". The actors of the troupe presented their unique perception of 2020 through improvisation. Among them are counselors, librarians, art curators. After becoming a member of the "sunflower Troupe", they establish connections with others in an artistic way, and carry out emotional interaction and dialogue.

Inspired by the actors, the students actively told their stories. These stories included the growing perception of being alone in the epidemic, the sense of contradiction in the face of a variety of choices, and the reflection on people's increasing dependence on the Internet and ignoring face-to-face communication.



After listening carefully, the actors gave back the wonderful performance to the students through the combination of music and body. In this process, the students had a more intuitive understanding of their own life experience and sources of stress, and could better comb the experience and understanding of 2020.



As the fall semester of 2020 is coming to an end, the law school continue to pay close attention to students' mental health. Through various activities, the law school helps students to understand themselves, relieve pressure, face their study and life with a positive and healthy attitude, and welcome the new year.


Attachment: Feelings of Students Participated in This Activity


The performance of the actors allowed me to look at my past year from the perspective of onlookers. I can also hear from other students' stories that they share their happiness and worries over the past year, and listen to their yearning for and worry about the future. This experience made me understand that the best way to say goodbye to 2020 is to let regrets stop in the past, to create the present beauty and to brew the future hope.

——Classmate Ao

After introducing ourselves, the teachers of the troupe kindly encouraged us to express our deep impression of 2020. After my sharing, the impromptu performance of five teachers reappeared my inner world and brought me deep warmth and thinking. The whole night I didn't take out my cell phone, sharing and listening without worry, just like when I was a child.

——Classmate You

The performance was not arranged in advance. All the lines, actions and roles were arranged after the actors heard the story. It's also a wonderful experience for me to find resonance in other people's stories and the tacit understanding between the actor and the narrator. In a word, I'm very happy to meet sunflower troupe at the end of 2020. Hope to see them again.



Translated by: Cao Jiahui

Edited by: Shan Baowei