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The course of “Comparative Law (I)” was successfully held

Yin Qingyuan(尹卿元), the legal counsellor of the Korean Embassy in China, and Piao Shangjiao(朴尚教), the general counsel of the legal department of Samsung headquarters in China, were invited to the class of “Comparative Law (I) (Korean Law)”, had a discussion with the course students and students from various majors who are interested in Korean practice, on the legal practice of multinational companies, Korean prosecutor system, Korean juvenile law and judicial activities, etc.

Teacher Min Yingmei(闵瑛美) first expressed her gratitude to the guests for taking the time to give lectures at Peking University and to communicate with students inside and outside the law school. Then, Piao Shangjiao, the general counsel shared his own experience of working as a foreign lawyer. In addition to introducing the construction of Samsung (China) company's legal compliance department, he also taught students the company's legal business experience through the cases of consumer rights and anti-monopoly dispute resolution.



Counselor Yin Qingyuan, took the south Korean gangland violence crime case which he had personally handled as an example to vividly describe the latest development of the field of South Korean criminal law, and combined with the comparison of the prosecution system between China and South Korea, South Korea's response to juvenile delinquency and other issues to share the work mode of South Korean prosecutors and the characteristics of the legal system. During the interaction, the students and guests had a heated discussion and exchange on the concern issues. This activity made everyone have a better understanding of the practical activities related to The Korean law, and the students said they had gained a lot.



After the sharing activity, Professor Guo Li, Party Secretary of Peking University Law School, met with Counselor Yin Qingyuan and his delegation. On behalf of the faculty, Professor Guo Li warmly welcomed the guests to our school. He warmly reviewed the friendship and cooperation between the PKULS and the Korean, and welcomed the guests to come to the school again in the future. The South Korean guests also expressed the hope to participate in promoting the theoretical and practical communications between the legal circles of China and South Korea in the future.



After the meeting, accompanied by Chen Zhihong, director of the Law Library, the guests visited the exhibition of "Achievements of Foreign-related Legal Personnel Training" and the library of the PKULS, and had a more comprehensive understanding of the recent measures of the PKULS in the international construction and the collection and arrangement of Korean law books in the school. Finally, all guests expressed their appreciation for the achievements made by the Law School of Peking University, thanked for the warm reception and activity arrangement of the school, and looked forward to further strengthening the multi-faceted cooperation and legal communications between China and South Korea.


Translated by: Lu Yiyin

Edited by: Lu Yiyin