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Law School talent salon -- "N Possibilities of Legal Person" (the third season) was successfully held


On December 11, 2020, Peking University Law School talent salon -- "N Possibilities of Legal Persons" (the third season) was successfully held in room B103 of Koguan Building. Niu Weiqiang,graduate of the 2020 LLM (Law) of PKULS,Chen Chuyin, graduate of the 2020 LLM (Law) of PKULS,Lu Yalun,graduate of the 2020 LLM (Illegal Studies) of PKULS and Zhang Shijin,undergraduate of PKULS in 2018 have been invited as keynote speakers. Mr. Shi shi, Assistant Dean of PKULS and Youth League Committee Secretary,and Mr.Shi Moran, Director of Career Development Office attended this salon. The salon was hosted by Liu Jiaqi, master of law student from 2020. Nearly 100 students from PKULS attended the beginning of the salon, and Mr. Shi shi made a speech for the salon. On behalf of PKULS, Mr. Shi shi would like to express sincere welcome and gratitude to the four young alumni. He shared his thoughts on the future development of lawyers from the aspects of the impact of the epidemic on students' employment, students' career development planning and legal person values, and encouraged students to learn from their experience and nutrition in communication with alumni, so as to realize the value to the motherland and society in their suitable work.



In the theme sharing session, the four guests shared their career choice and career experience to the students in detail. Niu Weiqiang shared his initial intention of working in the civil service and introduced his experience of preparing for the civil service examination to the students. He encouraged his students to determine the direction as soon as possible, and put themselves in the right mood to face pressure and anxiety in the process of autumn recruitment. Chen Chuyin introduced her job-hunting experience in law firms and public institutions from the aspects of career selection, job-hunting experience and job-hunting orientation adjustment. She suggested that students rationally consider the suitability of their own conditions and target occupations when exploring career planning, so as to minimize the risk of blindly choosing a career. Lu Yalun, an alumnus working in a state-owned enterprise, shares his personal experience and work experience with students from the aspects of internship and job hunting experience, working atmosphere and so on. He encouraged students to try and experience the working pace of different professions in the internship, and cherish the time in school to learn professional knowledge, so as to lay a solid foundation for future job hunting. Based on the process from studying abroad to returning to China after graduation, Zhang Shijin shared his understanding of the topic of "lawyer", professional charm of lawyer and how to turn bookies into down-to-earth in practice, and introduced his current work and business status. She suggests that students identify areas and directions of interest as early as possible, and pay attention to improving their resumes, preparing professional questions, and paying attention to large seminars and referrals.








In the free question part, four alumni combined with personal experience, enthusiasm answer classmates from different angles on personal ascension job competition advantage, balance out learning and practice, students work experience and job skills for the future work help, and encourage the students set up the lofty ambition, again in the future in the party and the people most in need of blooming flowery glorious, realize the value of life.



With the theme of "N possibilities of legal Persons", this talent salon aims to build a bridge of two-way communication between students of law school and outstanding young alumni. Through the sharing of the four alumni, the company will provide more targeted career development guidance for young lawyers who will enter the workplace, strive to stand on the shoulders of predecessors, summarize the experience and lessons, explore the initial career intention, and actively help each legal person to successfully start a new stage of life and gain a wonderful career.



Translated by  Wu Yunkai

Edited by Wu Yunkai