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Opening to the World and Cooperating With It, Shouldering the Mission of Globalization of Law Education——A Series of Reports on the Development and Construction Achievements of the Discipline of Peking University Law School (6)


Over the years, the Peking University Law School (PKULS) has been striving to build a world-class university law school in Chinese mainland, and has continued to promote the internationalization and the training of foreign-related legal talents centering on the two strategic directions of “going out” and “inviting in”. PKULS will continue to enhance the internationalization of teaching staff, actively build high-level international academic research and exchange platforms, make every effort to expand overseas exchange and learning opportunities for students, and make China’s voice heard and tell Chinese stories around the world, highlight the new atmosphere of Chinese jurisprudence. For the sixth year in a row, the PKULS has topped the Chinese mainland and the top three law schools in Asia in the QS World University law rankings. 

Integrating the reserve of international teaching resources and promoting the training of high-end talents in globalization

In recent years, PKULS has adhered to the idea of running a school internationally under the background of educational globalization. It has established long-term friendly cooperation with 120 famous law schools and institutions including Harvard University, Stanford University, Oxford University and National University of Singapore, and carried out more than 200 teaching and research cooperation projects. PKULS actively set up more than 100 international exchange programs for students such as semester exchange, academic year degree study, “undergraduate 4 + 1” and joint doctoral training, providing more than 300 students with rich overseas study opportunities each year. In order to promote the “going out” of China’s legal education and promote the two-way interaction of the internationalization of legal teaching, the PKULS initiated the “master of Chinese Law” program in China to provide overseas students with a platform to study Chinese law in English, to train international legal talents who are familiar with Chinese law and approve of China’s development in the world. Since the establishment of this degree program, nearly 300 students from all over the world have obtained a master’s degree in law in China through their studies at PKULS.





PKULS attaches great importance to the effective expansion and integration of international resources, making full use of overseas visits, lectures and other opportunities to strengthen the joint development of PKULS and internationally renowned institutions, gradually realize strong cooperation and win-win cooperation. At the same time, law school actively raises social resources and establishes a number of international cooperation and exchange funds to provide a solid guarantee for the development of internationalization.





Building a high-level academic exchange platform to enhance the influence of China’s discourse on rule of law

PKULS attaches great importance to building a high-level international academic research and exchange platform, focusing on building an overseas bridgehead for China’s legal education and research, and vigorously enhancing the international strength and global influence of PKULS and China’s legal science. Peking University has established six joint research centers with Columbia Law School, Yale Law School, University of California Berkeley Law School, University of Würzburg Law School in Germany, University of Humboldt Law School and Jones Day law firm in the United States. These research centers focus on the hot issues of globalization, establish joint research projects, fully commit to the training of foreign-related legal talents and the resolution of foreign-related legal issues. 

Since 2016, nearly 200 scholars from more than 20 countries and regions have visited Peking University each year and more than 100 major international academic lectures and seminars have been held, which effectively realize the international exchange of academic thinking and the concept of the rule of law, and further promote the international reputation of PKULS.




At the same time, PKULS regularly holds a series of “International Week” events, inviting more than 100 colleagues from world-renowned law schools and practice institutions from domestic and international to come together. The content covers a series of lectures by international scholars, students’ overseas studies, educational exhibitions on exchanges between Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, a forum on global legal education and other activities with a strong international atmosphere, so as to fully display the international level of PKULS in “basing on China and looking out to the world”.




Globalization of teachers has become scale, foreign-related rule of law talents are improved

PKULS has a solid historical heritage and teacher foundation in training foreign-related legal talents. By combining the strategy of “going out” and “inviting in”, it has formed a diversified and complete team of global teachers. PKULS currently has more than 50 full-time and part-time foreign law teachers and law researchers, it relies on rich resources of overseas cooperation, invites more than 50 scholars, judges and practice experts from renowned international law schools, the International Law Commission, the Appellate Body of the WTO, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the High Court of England and Wales, etc. to serve as visiting professors, honorary professors and visiting scholars, and launched China’s first “Global Chair” program in 2018, employing 20 world-renowned legal scholars and practitioners as chairs. Through this way, PKULS has laid a solid foundation for teachers teaching foreign-related legal talents.



As one of the first “training bases for foreign-related legal talents” in China, PKULS has been actively promoting the training of foreign-related legal talents with innovative spirit and pragmatic attitude, the goal of training foreign-related legal personnel is to have the comprehensive quality of understanding and being able to participate in shaping international rules, dealing with foreign-related legal affairs with ease, and participating in international cooperation and competition. PKULS has committed to continuously sending a large number of outstanding foreign-related legal professionals to China and the world. PKULS graduates are consistently ranked among the top 15 in the world for the past six years, according to the prestigious QS World University law school global employers’ ranking, in 2017 and 2019, it was among the top 10 in the world.

Over the years, PKULS has been guided by national ingenuity and a focus on international perspectives, making full use of resources in various fields and international educational and research platforms, and responding actively to the strategic needs of the country and the needs of social development. It endeavors to building China’s most internationally influential law schools and lead the vigorous development of global legal education and foreign-related legal personnel training. In short, to make due contributions to the reform of the global governance system and the building of a community of shared future for mankind.


Translated by Wang Jiaqi

Edited by Liang Hongyi