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Law School "12·4" National Constitution Day Series Activities Were Successfully Held


December 4, 2020 is China’s seventh “National Constitution Day”. In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Central Committee’s Work Conference on Comprehensive Rule of Law, popularize constitutional knowledge, and build consensus on the Constitution, the Law School held the “Spirit of the Constitution Engraved in the Heart, We Study the Rule of Law Ideology Together-Study and Implement Xi Jinping’s Rule of Law Ideology and Vigorously Promote the Spirit of the Constitution” series of activities during the “Constitution Propaganda Week”.




Volunteer students from the Law School meticulously prepared materials such as the "National Constitution Day" law popularization brochures and legal aid case compilation, which were distributed to teachers and students on the north side of New Sun Student Center on December 4th. In the Q&A session, volunteers prepared books such as “Send Law to the Countryside”, “How the System Is Formed”, and “The Spirit of the Laws” as prizes to guide teachers and students to learn about the Constitution and the Civil Code in this process. Meanwhile, volunteers provided free legal consultation to answer questions for teachers and students in need. Volunteers also organized legal film viewing activities to popularize legal knowledge for teachers and students in a relaxed and happy way.







In Midu County, Yunnan Province, where Peking University’s counterpart in support of poverty alleviation and development has just been lifted out of poverty, volunteers from the Legal Aid Association and the 22nd Peking University Postgraduate Volunteer Education Team Yunnan Branch organized a lecture on the Constitution and laws for more than 700 teachers and students in Midu No.1 Middle School. In the lecture, volunteers combined with the interpretation of real cases and interesting quizzes on the theme of "Going with the Constitution" and "Civil Code by Your Side", embedding the spirit of the Constitution and legal knowledge in middle school students. The Law School donated law popularization brochures to Midu No.1 Middle School to support the strengthening of law education on campuses and effectively enhance the depth and breadth of law popularization.





More than 20 representatives of teachers and students from the Law School went to the Supreme People's Court of the People’s Republic of China to participate in the Constitution Day opening event and witness the constitution oath ceremony. In this process, young lawyers, as the “new force” for the future rule of law, deeply felt the people's judges' solemn commitment to be loyal to the Constitution, to the motherland, and to the people, and their respect to the Constitution and their belief in the socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics became stronger. Under the guidance of the staff, representatives visited the Smart Court Laboratory and the Chinese Court Museum to get close to good law and good governance, and experience the vigorous development of the rule of law in the new era.







During the Constitution Propaganda Week, in addition to offline activities, the Law School continued to disseminate constitutional knowledge to teachers and students of the school and the public through the WeChat public account platform, promote the spirit of the Constitution, and create an atmosphere of respect for the Constitution.



The 2020 “Constitution Propaganda Week” series of activities of the Law School made full use of the new media information dissemination platform, effectively linked the campus and the society, expanded the scope of law popularization, designed diverse forms of constitution propaganda and education, which has aroused great attention and extensive participation inside and outside the school.

For a long time, the Law School has used "National Constitution Day" and "Constitution Propaganda Week" as important windows for law popularization work and legal consultation volunteer services. It is committed to guiding the teachers and students of Peking University to build consensus on the Constitution and cultivate awareness of the rule of law through the dissemination of the spirit of the Constitution. Not long ago, Peking University Legal Aid Association’s Legal Consultation Volunteer Project won the gold medal of the 5th China Youth Volunteer Service Project Competition.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: “We must carry out in-depth publicity and education activities throughout the entire Party and society to respect the Constitution, study the Constitution, abide by the Constitution, maintain the Constitution, and use the Constitution, so as to promote the spirit of the Constitution, and establish the authority of the Constitution.” The Law School will continue to be guided by Xi Jinping’s rule of law, persevere in guiding teachers and students to participate in the practice of rule of law in the process of popularizing constitutional knowledge and promoting the spirit of the Constitution, and contribute to the comprehensive rule of law, the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities, and gather a powerful rule of law force for the new journey!



Translated by Liang Hongyi

Edited by  Liang Hongyi