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The Legal Aid Association of PKU won the Gold Award in the 5th China Youth Volunteer Service project competition



In a small office called "consulting room" in (Leo) Koguan Building of PKULS, such a group of young students, regardless of winter or summer, always listen, record and try their best to help each party. They are the students of the Legal Aid Association of PKU. In the 5th China youth volunteer service competition held from November 22 to 24, their legal advisory volunteer service program stood out and won the gold medal. 



The Legal Aid Association of PKU is committed to providing free and high-quality legal advisory services to the general public through a combination of online and offline approaches. They have carried out more than 600 fixed-point consultations on campus. In conjunction with Yanyuan community service center and Yanyuan Street judicial office, the association has set up consultation stations in seven communities around PKU, providing more than 150 times of legal consultation services, and has received more than 1400 cases of consultation. Volunteers provide legal aid through a variety of online channels, and the parties concerned can receive a reply within 48 hours of receiving the case.


Volunteers receive visitors in the consultation room


The volunteers carried out law education publicity activities for teachers and students in PKU as well as primary and secondary school students all over the country, with an audience of more than 24000 person times last year. In order to approach the perspective of young students, the association actively explores and innovates its activities. effectively enhance the interaction of legal education.


The association carried out the propaganda activity on the national constitution day


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the volunteers have actively expanded the scale of online consultation services, opened online voice consultation channels for legal issues related to the epidemic, and actively provided online legal aid to the whole society for more than 300 days. In view of the hot topics of general concern in the society during the epidemic period, a series of articles were published on the new media platform.


The association issued a series of articles on hot issues of social concern


As a daily and professional legal aid organization providing free legal services to the public, the association has always insisted on providing legal aid services. In the future, the young lawyers of PKU will strive to fulfill the mission and responsibility of "realizing the dream of a new generation".



Translated by Jin Lu

Edited by Shan Baowei