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The preliminary competition of the first schedule of 2020 "Peking University Fama" science and technology Games was successfully held

At 10:00 am on December 5,2020, Preliminary competition of the first schedule of Beijing and Chengdu Station of 2020 "Peking University Fama" science and technology games were successfully held in Beijing Chaoyang Heshenghui B3 sports amusement park and Chengdu 339-3 floor sports amusement park.  

Group photo of participants in Beijing

Group photo of participants in Chengdu


Inheriting the spirit of "strive, hard work, and friendship" advocated by "Peking University Fama" in previous years, 2020 "Peking University Fama" reunited law school alumni, relatives and friends in a new way. Compared with previous marathon events, this year’s Science and Technology Games broke through the inherent concept of the "Peking University Fama" brand, and infused new forms of activity in a new way-taking advantage of indoor high-tech, participants can experience a variety of interesting scientific and technological activities full of passion, joy and cooperation spirit without being troubled by outdoor cold weather. 


Pre-game Dance


 After a brief pre-competition dance, the stadium was filled with joy, and the team members couldn't wait to enter the next fun game session. Everything is ready to go!!


"Legal Partners" HADO Game

Rally Sprint

Frisbee Shooting

“Bluestone” Curling

Speed Race

Cut fruit& Shooting

Table Tennis, Football, Basketball

Action Games


The competitions in Beijing and Chengdu are going on in full swing. Although they are thousands of miles apart, the players on the two arenas are connected to each other in spirit, encourage each other and sweating together!


Chengdu sub-competition was successfully concluded


In the fun competition, there are not only exciting competitions among adults, but also children's competitions, which adds a lively atmosphere to the whole competition field. Children participating in the competition can not only exercise their athletic ability, but also inspire their positive and hard-working spirit. The parent-child competition is also helpful to strengthen the family interaction between parents and children, as a part of family enlightenment education, and the spirit of the legal person of Peking University has been passed on invisibly.


Pictures of the Children


The game came to an end two hours later, and the outcome was already known. Although the top two teams in the competition received generous gifts, in order to get the gifts, they still need to dance for other group members. The atmosphere in the venue was ignited again!


Award-winning Team Presents Dance


On December 5th, the preliminaries for the first schedule of "Peking University Fama" came to an end here. The competition was supported by the college and leaders at all levels, and attracted the extensive participation of alumni and their relatives and friends. In the follow-up development, we believed that "Peking University Fama" will show more of its broad and far-reaching influence, go out of the college, go to school and society, and establish a broader exchange platform for alumni and alma mater, building a stronger bond between school and society.

At the same time, please alumni, relatives and friends look forward to the exciting second schedule of the "Peking University Fama" preliminaries-Beijing Station and Hangzhou Station on December 12!


Translated by: He Jinghan

Edited by: Shan Baowei