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Advanced Seminar on Criminal Defense of Cybercrime Cases of Peking University Completed Successfully



At 5 pm on November 18, 2020, the graduation ceremony of the Advanced Seminar on Criminal Defense of Peking University Cybercrime Cases was successfully held in the Liaoning Hall of Liaoning Building. Deputy Dean Yang Xiaolei of Peking University Law School, Deputy Dean Che Hao, and Chairman of the Academic Committee Chen Ruihua attended the event. The ceremony was presided over by Du Xuejiao, Director of the Domestic Cooperation Office of Peking University Law School.

The graduation ceremony first broadcast the graduation ceremony of this seminar memorial video, and the teachers and students present together reviewed the wonderful time of five days. Through the five-day intensive study, the trainees not only gained knowledge, but also formed a deep friendship between teachers and students and classmates. Between study and discussion, they enriched theoretical knowledge, broadened their horizons, and made like-minded criminal debates. Peer, expand the future career development path.




Attorney Ma Deqing, Deputy Director of Xinjiang Tongchuang Law Firm, and lawyer Mo Libing, partner of Guangdong Yuezhong Law Firm, both made wonderful speeches at the graduation ceremony as representatives of the students.The two students first expressed their gratitude to Peking University Law School. Attorney Ma Deqing mentioned that he not only learned knowledge in the criminal defense class of Peking University, but also felt the warmth brought by the criminal defense family. He has received help and experience from his classmates in handling cases in remote places, law firm management, and team building. Peking University Criminal Defense Class allows students to better demonstrate themselves, improve themselves, and realize their value in life. As a new student who participated in the criminal defense class for the first time, Lawyer Mo Libing highly praised the criminal defense class of Peking University. She believes that the development and progress of the rule of law is a continuous development. The criminal defense class of Peking University has established a high standard. The excellent platform that attracts more young students like herself to continuously participate and integrate into the big family of outstanding criminal defense seniors, and cultivate generations of outstanding legal professionals; she said that when she returns to work, she must base herself on the present and look forward to the future. 





As the designer of this training project, Prof.Chen Ruihua summarized the highlights of the training class's curriculum, faculty allocation and management services in his speech.Teacher Chen encouraged students to learn criminal defense as a career. He said that Peking University Law School will continue to expand and strengthen criminal defense classes, train elite lawyers, train influential people, and dedicate the most cutting-edge, high-end and professional knowledge, skills and wisdom to everyone, passing the torch from generation to generation, to serve the construction of rule of law with Chinese characteristics.




Yang Xiaolei, Deputy Dean of Peking University Law School, congratulated the students on the successful completion of their studies in his speech, and hoped that every student would return with satisfaction and achieve even more brilliant achievements in the future.He pointed out that the significance of the high-end training of Peking University Law School is not only to impart specific skills and experience to students, but more importantly, to explore the future model of legal education. Peking University Criminal Defense Class is a great theory and practice in criminal defense Blending and sublimation. He thanked the participants for their deep participation, the teachers for their dedication and the colleagues for their exquisite management services and wonderful learning experience. He earnestly said that although this year’s criminal defense class is nearing its end, the preparation of the next criminal defense class has already begun quietly, he expected that the new knowledge, experience of the new concept and experience of the new experience into the practical work, the theory and practice of real integration, will get more feedback.




Finally, Du Xuejiao, the class teacher of the Criminal Defense Class, said that the Criminal Defense Class of Peking University will continue to provide high-grade academic and ideological feasts for everyone. At the same time, Peking University Law School will also create rich and diverse opportunities to invite more like-minded people with the same quality pursuits. Partners join Peking University Law School together to explore the power of knowledge and create wealth of wisdom. So far, the advanced seminar on criminal defense of cybercrime cases at Peking University has successfully concluded.



Since the Peking University Law School opened the criminal defense seminar in 2015, it has successively opened six advanced seminars on different topics in the criminal defense field. Despite being adversely affected by the epidemic this year, under the premise of strictly abiding by the national epidemic prevention and control policy, the Law School insisted on holding an advanced seminar on criminal defense in offline cybercrime cases to practice the Peking University criminal defense agreement with the students, it wasn’t easy. Peking University has the important task of promoting scientific research and the construction of the rule of law in the country,the School of law is also continuing to develop more valuable, meaningful and topical training programs in the hope of enhancing the capacity of its students and contributing to the building of China’s socialist rule of law.



Translated by Wang Xianning

Edited by Wu Yunkai