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Law School “Heart and Law Workshop” — “Psychodrama Therapy Workshop” was successfully held

On the evening of November 13, 2020, the “Heart and Law Workshop” of the Law School was successfully held in the Moot Court, Koguan Building. He Li, a doctor of Applied Psychology of Beijing Normal University and a national second-class psychological consultant, was invited as the keynote speaker. Zhang Runzhi, a full-time counselor of Law School, and more than ten students participated in the activity.

First of all, He Li said that under the background of the epidemic situation, students face a closed environment, and the pressure of academic work and employment is accumulated, which is prone to produce more negative emotions. It is helpful to relieve the pressure of students by psychodrama therapy.



Then, the students divided into groups to perform different emotion types, and chose the emotion type which was more suitable for their own situation to reproduce the scene. Under the guidance of He Li, the students conducted deductive counseling and elimination of their own pressure sources in the form of role exchange. Students said that by participating in the workshop, they had a more scientific and clear understanding of the source of stress they were facing, understood the ways to solve problems such as setting goals, deduction and exploration, and realized the importance of seeking help from others.


In the context of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, Law School continue to pay attention to the mental health of students, actively understand the problems faced by students, and help students to relieve their emotional pressure by carrying out group counseling, so as to face their learning life with a positive and healthy attitude.


Translated by: Wu Qiliang

Edited by: Wu Yunkai