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The 2021 Law School Graduate Assembly was Successfully Held


From October 20 to 23,2020, the 2021 law school graduate assembly was held in the Lecturer Hall and Room B103 of (Leo) Koguan building. Liu Qi and Zhang Wen, teachers of Peking University Career Guidance Center; Shi Shi, Assistant Dean of Law School, Director of Student Affairs Office; Fei Haini, Chen Yan, Peng Xi, Liang Xian, teachers of Teaching Affairs Office; Lu Xinxin, teacher of Alumni Affairs Office; Fu Chengyu and Shi Moran, teachers of Career Development Office; Li Hejun, teacher of Student Affairs Office, all attended the event. All the graduates of the class of 2021 presented in the assembly.




Teacher Shi Shi pointed out that the epidemic of Covid-19 has had a certain impact on the development of the country and society, and that the class of 2021 may face practical problems as students may face increased pressure in finding jobs and may not go abroad for further education as planned. In respect of this, students should maintain a good attitude, be self-confidence and face these problems rationally, be responsible for the graduation season planning and take the initiative to communicate with college teachers when finding troubles in learning, life, employment and other aspects of difficulties. Finally, Shi encouraged the students to seize the time in school, cherish the friendship of classmates, to gain, to grow in the graduate school year and eventually achieve a smooth graduation, ideal employment.




At 13:30 pm, on October 20, the graduate assembly for undergraduate was held in Room B103 of (Leo) Koguan building. Teacher Fei Haini gave a detailed explanation to the students concerning the graduation credit requirement, graduation thesis and graduation practice, and reminded students to pay attention to the graduation time, arrange related matters reasonably and ensure a smooth graduation.




At 8:30 am, on October 21, the graduate assembly for Master of Law, Juris Master (Law) was held in the Lecturer Hall of (Leo) Koguan building. Teacher Liang Xian lectured on graduate-related issues in terms of degree requirements, training verification, thesis writing standards, and key pointes of the semester.

At 8:30 am, on October 22, the graduate assembly for Juris Master (Non-Law) was held in the Lecturer Hall of (Leo) Koguan building. Teacher Chen Yan introduced to the students the basic requirements for graduate students to obtain a degree, and explained matters in detail such as credit training, library labor and student registration. She also reminded students to complete the quality and quantity of graduation practice and graduation thesis, timely complete the graduation information verification, electronic information collection and other affairs.




At 13:30 p.m. on October 22, the graduate assembly for Doctor of Juris Science was held in Room B103 of (Leo) Koguan building. First of all, Teacher Peng Xi introduced in detail the points for information check, training process check, dissertation writing and submission, evaluation and thesis defense, leaving procedures and reminded students to make a sound graduation season planning.




At 13:30 p.m. on October 23, the graduate assembly for part-time Master of Law was held in Room B103 of (Leo) Koguan building. Teacher Chen Yan gave a detailed introduction of related issues from the aspects of examination of training, graduation thesis to graduation information checking.

In the assembly, teachers of Alumni Affaires Office, Career Development Office and Student Affairs Office provided detailed explanation upon related work of graduation for students.

Teacher Lu Xinxin introduced the situation of the alumni work for the students. She explained the organization structure of the Alumni Affairs Office, the work team, the brand activities and the construction of alumni associations in different places of the law school. Lu reminded the students to update their personal information after graduation, and encouraged them to keep close contact with the college and actively participate in the construction of the law school alumni family.



Teacher Fu Chengyu and Shi Moran introduced the employment situation and employment policy for the graduates. Based on the recent graduates’ report, teacher Fu and Shi analyzed the employment situation for the students, explained how to use the employment management system and shared their job-seeking skills such as resume revision and cover letter writing, introduced related business of various functional departments of the school and encouraged students in finding the ideal job.




Teacher Li Hejun introduced the party member development and the party organization relations transfer and other related matters to the students. She reminded the students to pay attention to the party member development related policies for the graduates, and to submit relevant materials on time before graduation.




On the morning of October 22, the graduate assembly invited Liu Qi and Zhang Wen, teachers of the Peking University Career Guidance Center, to give target guidance to the students. Teacher Liu Qi introduced to the students the overall employment situation of the graduates as well as the related requirements and specific procedures. Liu encouraged the students to try actively, think rationally and relieve pressure appropriately according to their actual situation, and endeavor to overcome the anxieties and impatience in the job-hunting process.

The purpose of the series of graduate assemblies is to help the 2021 graduates understand the requirements related to their studies, employment and party affairs in the context of epidemic prevention and control, to help students to plan and think rationally according to their own situation, complete all graduation procedures in time, master the employment policy and employment situation in an all-round way, leave a satisfactory conclusion to the study and life of Yanyuan, and welcome the new chapter of life with a positive attitude!



Translated by  Xu Mengyao

Edited by Xu Mengyao