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Ideological and Political Education Builds a Long-term Mechanism for Cultivating Top-notch Innovative Talents——Series of Reports on the Achievements of PKULS’s Discipline Development and Construction Ⅱ



In recent years, PKULS has implement the spirit of the series of speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the cultivation of legal talents and the important decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee actively, focusing on the education goal of " Foster Virtue through Education, Study both Morality and Law" resolutely, carrying forward “Three-wide education” firmly and insisting “Educating Five Domains Simultaneously and Moral Education for the first”.



Deep integration of ideological and political education and professional education makes progress in “Three-wide education”



Dedicated to the fundamental task of “Foster Virtue through Education”, the Law School is committed to guiding students to take root in China while conducting professional education and teaching, to understand the nation and the science, to steady ideals and beliefs and to establish the correct value orientation. The Law School integrate “Curriculum Ideology” and “Ideological and Political Course” dynamically and concentrate various social resources actively, such as “Teaching and Research”, alumni work and domestic cooperation, jointly building 12 “Ideological and Political Practice Education Base” with People's Procuratorate of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, High People's Court of Jiangxi Province, Higher People's Court of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Yan'an Intermediate People's Court, Fuzhou People's Procuratorate, Publicity Department of Zhangbei County Party Committee, Hebei Province and Nanchang New Fourth Army Military Site Exhibition Hall, etc. In each holidays, the main leaders of the Law School leading the team themselves and professional teachers and ideological and political counselors serving as class teachers, PKULS organized students to carry out the Ideological and Political practice course themed “Promote Patriotism and Revolutionary Tradition”, “Show the frontiers of reform and development achievements”, “Serve the country's major strategy”, “Inherit the traditional culture of the Chinese nation”, “Implement the rule of law” and “Innovation driven” in the Revolutionary Holy Land, the countryside, the agency, the factory and the field to shape their cognition of “Don't forget the original heart and remember the mission”, “Grassroots governance modernization”, “Win the battle against poverty in an all-round way”, “Vigorously promote rural revitalization”.



Photo 1:The group photo of PKULS’s Shenzhen practice


Photo 2: PKULS organized teachers and students to carry out the Ideological and Political practice course themed "Judicial Reform and Grass-roots Governance" in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region


At the same time, the Law School optimized the Ideological and Political Education mechanism further and give full play to the effectiveness of scholarships and education. Since 2016, PKULS has set up more than 100 school and college scholarships to help students develop by leaps and bounds.



Photo 3: The scholarship award ceremony scene


Focusing on cultivating socialist builders and successors who have comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, artistic and labor, PKULS pay special attention to the unique role of art education and labor education in "Educating Five Domains Simultaneously". The Law School encourages and guides students to participate in various second classroom activities. Under the influence of years of legal culture and art education, the teachers and students from the Law School composed many excellent original songs, such as <Qing Chun Da Gai>, <Fa Zhu Song> and <The Song in the Summer Wind>, and series of campus style adapted songs, such as< Mojito ( Graduation edition)>, < A Little Happiness ( Graduation edition)> and <NO.5 Yiheyuan Road ( Graduation edition)>.



Photo 4: The Law school teachers and students performance scene


Photo 5: Volunteer Law Popularization Activities of PKU’s Legal Culture Festival


Since the slogan “We should bring labor education into the party's education policy, and strive to build an education system of comprehensive cultivation of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor” put forward in the National Education Conference, PKULS has explored the system and mechanism of labor education of colleges and universities in the new era actively, co-building Labor Education Practice Base with Qin County in Shanxi to guide students to uphold and respect labor.


Implementing the national strategy of talent training and develop our students in a comprehensive way



The Law School has been responding positively to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on the cultivation of law-based talents and his ardent expectations for young law students in the new era, learning and inheriting the spiritual deeds of PKULS’s outstanding alumni of Zou Bihua, the Pioneer of Reform, and Hu Guoyun, the National Model Judge, and guiding students foster the morally sound values and outlook on the world and life.



Photo 6: "Faith is the way to go" -- Peking University's "I am at the grassroots level in China" report and selected graduates salon


Since 2016, the Law School has transported more than 360 graduates to local grassroots accumulatively, accounting for nearly 15% of the total number of employed graduates in five years, among which exists Zhu Guohong, an aiding Xinjiang official, and Meng Qiang, a judge of the People's Court of Tongzhou District, Beijing.



Photo 7: Zhu Guohong, Shanghai’s aiding Xinjiang official


Photo 8: Meng Qiang, a judge of the People's Court of Tongzhou District, Beijing


PKULS earnestly implement the policies of the Party and the State's Strategic Requirements for the Cultivation of Foreign-related Legal Professionals and vigorously promote its training. Through the establishment of partnerships with 118 famous law schools and institutions around the world, the Law School provide students with more than 90 overseas research projects including three types of Exchange, Degree, and Internship, more than 200 students participating in each year.


Photo 9: Teachers and students of overseas study tours at the UN headquarters


Since 2016, PKULS has sent a large number of outstanding talents to the UN, WTO, AIIB and other international organizations and has established a deep friendly and cooperative relationship with the International Criminal Court, the Hague International Tribunal, United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development, United Nations Women, International Labor Organization, International Civil Aviation Organization, Asian Development Bank,etc.

PKULS has always bear the mission of educating people for the party and the country in mind and implement the party's education policy in the new era with practical actions, persisting in the development and construction of the country and continuing to export all kinds of top-notch innovative legal talents with the mission of keeping integrity and innovation and the responsibility of the country and the world.



Translated by Tu Chenghao

Edited by Zhang Dayuan