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Teaching Reform Leads the High-quality Training of Top-notch Innovative Talents ——A series of reports on the achievements of the discipline development and construction of PKULS (1)

Since the fourth subject evaluation by the Ministry of Education, PKULS has thoroughly implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important speeches on strengthening the cultivation of talents under the rule of law and the Party Central Committee’s series of decision-making deployments, closely focusing on the training goal of "building morality" in all aspects of discipline development and construction such as the cultivation of innovative talents and the construction of high-quality faculty

The "Specific provisions of Criminal Law" course are not only designed with tortuous plots, covering a large number of knowledge points, but also full of considerations for human nature and legal education.

Change the long-established course assessment mode. The open-book exam for professional courses lasts 3 to 8 hours, and the answers can be completed in the form of group cooperation at any place. This is not just a change in the evaluation method of courses such as "Civil Law Case Study" at Peking University Law School It is an inevitable choice for the in-depth and systematic teaching reform of PKULS.

Since 2016, PKULS has been adhering to the open mindset of “based on China and looking at the world”, and has always regarded legal education and talent training as the core of the work. The college adheres to the combination of theoretical teaching and practical teaching, practical ability training and innovative ability training, steadily and effectively promotes teaching reform and innovation, vigorously builds a high-end legal talent cultivation platform, and strives to cultivate various high-level application-oriented compound legal talents. 


Comprehensively deepen teaching reform and innovate talent training mechanism

PKULS adheres to the fundamental goal of “educate people for the party, cultivate talents for the country, and cultivate outstanding talents under the rule of law”, combined with social needs and the law of talent training, actively deepens teaching reforms, and implemented a series of fruitful innovation and reform measures. A new curriculum system that combines basic courses, special topics, practical courses, and English courses has been established. Various courses from mastering basic knowledge of law, exercising legal thinking logic, developing legal professional skills, strengthening foreign-related legal practice capabilities and other dimensions, effectively exert the functions and effects of different types of courses. 


The picture shows the practice course of moot court


Through long-term innovative practice and accumulation, PKULS has gradually realized the standardization of basic courses, the systemization of special courses, the diversification of practical courses, and the normalization of English courses. It has formed "Civil Law Case Studies", "Criminal Law Case Studies" etc, which are well-known inside and outside the school, and are highly concerned by teachers and students and all walks of life.

In terms of practical training and international teaching, PKULS actively recruits well-known experts in related fields outside the school, and is the first to offer "contract law practice", "criminal defense practice" and "cross-border legal lawyer practice" where teachers and lawyers are on the same stage. "British Contract Law", "M&A and Restructuring" and other practical courses have also been formed .

In addition, the college actively explores a joint training mechanism that combines domestic and international resources, and is the first in China to work with the University of Hong Kong to study double bachelor and double master programs, providing more diverse and sufficient opportunities for students' future development.




Legal training has developed by leaps and bounds, "double innovation" education has been optimized and empowered

Peking University’s law education continues to strengthen the combination of theory and practice, focuses on introducing high-quality practical resources into universities, and closely integrates the training of legal talents with emerging to serve the country. On this basis, the construction of legal training courses with moot court courses and legal clinic courses as the main body and highlighting the education of innovative and entrepreneurial concepts has achieved remarkable results.


The picture shows a group photo of Jessup international law moot court players


Moot court training courses are organized in a platform-based teaching method, focusing on themes such as public international law dispute resolution, international commercial arbitration, international criminal adjudication, cross-border corporate mergers and acquisitions, international humanitarian law practice, space law disputes, etc., with "theory + practice + competitions" model, it improves students' comprehensive competence in foreign-related legal practice, and has formed a standard model of "basic courses + nine international competitions", with a number of well-known scholars and professors at home and abroad serving as lecturers. In the past five years, the law student representative of Peking University has won multiple championships in top competitions such as JESSUP (known as the "Law Student Olympiad"), VIS, and WTO Moot Court. Take the JESSUP event as an example,the Peking University Law School team has won 4 Chinese regional championships in the past 8 years. 


The picture shows the award certificates of various moot court competitions

The picture shows Zhang Wanyu, a 2012 undergraduate


The clinical legal education courses of Peking University Law School are committed to enhancing students' comprehensive use of legal knowledge and legal thinking to provide clients with laws in real professional situations and social real operations. At present,PKULS Law Clinic has realized the refinement and systematization of small-class teaching, and has established a full-type training platform for legal practice. It is used in legislation and public policy formulation, civil administrative litigation, commercial legal services for small and micro entrepreneurial enterprises, and intelligent public law.  


The picture shows a group photo of teachers and students of the legal clinic course


Under the guidance of innovative and entrepreneurial education concepts and professional practice platforms, PKULS’s "double entrepreneurship" talent training has achieved fruitful results. Excellent innovative entrepreneur include Liu Yuanyuan, the champion of the second season of "Speaker" and the 2016 Master of Laws, Zhang Tianyi, the founder of “Funiutang” Company.


The picture shows the 2014 Master of Laws Zhang Tianyi (left) and the 2016 Master of Laws Liu Yuanyuan (right)


For a long time,PKULS has always set the goal of building a world-class university law school, adheres to high-quality and high-level education. High-quality resources have effectively promoted the full implementation of teaching reform, and formed a set of curriculum construction system and teaching training model with Chinese characteristics, realizing the overall guidance of legal education and talent training.



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