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The students of party and youth league branches of PKULS learn the stories of Hu Guoyun, the national model judge

On October 22, the National Model Judge and Peking University Law School alumnus Hu Guoyun story report meeting was held in Peking University Hall.

Under the leadership of the Party Committee of PKULS, there are more than 200 party members, youth league members and young students listened to the report. The students learned the spirit of Judge Hu Guoyun, and further strengthened the responsibilities as legal professionals of PKULS.



The following are some thoughts of students:

There is light of justice in Judge Hu Guoyun’s heart

Zhang Wei 

Judge Hu Guoyun can perform his duties in the ordinary. In the eyes of many people, he is "inhuman", and in the trial of the cases, he has a really soft heart. He protects the interests of the people and insists on standing for justice. This is a model for our students and an example for me to follow.

Wu Keting

Judge Hu Guoyun is a practitioner of the spirit of the rule of law and a guardian of justice. He has used the law to defend justice throughout his life. He is the best leader and a firm example of our young legal professionals.

Guo Jiashu

There is light in Judge Hu Guoyun’s heart, and this light represents the justice of law. Despite Judge Hu Guoyun unfortunately passed away, the light in his heart will continually lead our young legal professionals to proceed the career of justice.

Zhao Beibei

When he is young, Judge Hu Guoyun made a voluntary decision to practice law and be a safeguard of justice. He is neutral, so he declined requests from clients and lawyers; he is selfless, so he restrains his family's intercession; he is integrity, so he ignores malicious threats. He went back to Jiangxi after his graduation in PKU, and with his full legal knowledge, he has created a judicial work satisfactory to the people. As a young legal professional, I want to learn from Judge Hu Guoyun and pursue justice for life. 

There is justice in Judge Hu Guoyun’s heart

Ye Yinyi

The life of Judge Hu Guoyun has demonstrated the professionalism of a judge. He was the guardian of justice throughout his life, he performed his duties faithfully, and maintained social fairness and justice. China’s judicial reform has been advancing in depth, just because of the hard work of judges like Hu Guoyun. This is an incentive and a requirement for us as latecomers. I hope that each of us will eventually become someone who can be useful to the nation.

Xing Wensheng

I was fortunate to listen to the report on the stories of Judge Hu Guoyun. I was deeply moved by his stories. As a young legal professional, I was moved by the spirit of Judge Hu Guoyun. He made me believe that there are such a group of people in China who are talented, capable, outstanding and integrity. Even if they fall, they are a monument to inspire latecomes.

Chen Anqi

There were many reasons why I chose to follow the path of law, but Judge Hu Guoyun's reasons were so moving. The law is a weapon against injustice in the hands of the weak, and it is also the last barrier to protect dignity. As a young legal professional, we should always use our weapons once in our lives to defend the rights of the weak. This is the meaning of the law.

Lu Xing

Judge Hu Guoyun chose the law because it is a weapon against injustice in the hands of the weak and it is the last barrier to protect dignity. During his 33 years as a judge, he has hosted a number of influential cases and none of them went wrong. Because of worrying about the safety of his family, Hu Guoyun couldn't stop crying. His daughter is his weakness, but justice is his belief. Judge Hu Guoyun also told us that as a party member, we should maintain human dignity and maintain the order of society and the country.

Li Jiacheng

In order for the whole society to believe in law, it is important for legal professionals to practice the law and pursue justice. Judge Hu Guoyun used his own practice to prove that legal professionals have adhered to their original aspirations and pursued beliefs, and inspired generations of legal professionals to continuously improve their legal literacy and professional standards, and to strive for law for life.

As a PKUer, there is responsibility in Judge Hu Guoyun’s heart

Zhang Dayuan

Thirty-three years ago, Judge Hu Guoyun studied in PKU and returned to his hometown after his graduation. During his life, he guarded justice and fairness throughout his life. This legal spirit has been flowing through generations of PKU legal professionals. After listening to Judge Hu Guoyun's story here, my faith in the law is firmer. I will inherit this spirit in the campus of PKU, and I will learn from Judge Hu Guoyun, and strive unremittingly for the construction of the rule of law in China and the great rejuvenation of the our nation.

Han Yang

I have been thinking repeatedly: What can I get from PKU? As a student who just came to PKU, this question haa troubled me for a long time. Through my study today, I think the answer is morality and responsibility. Having learned the stories of Judge Hu Guoyun, I have strengthened my dream of choosing a career as a judge in the future. To shoulder the justice and morality of the society, and to maintain the dignity of legal rules is the common ideal of the glorious group of lawyers at Peking University, and it should be my lifelong pursuit in the future.

Wu Jiaqi

The stories of Judge Hu Guoyun have inspired me. Through the moving stories, his kind image seems to appear in front of us, telling me from the depths of my soul that the law has its own warmness. The job of a legal person is to be familiar with the law, to interpret the law, and to apply the law; to be a warm legal person, we should not forget the interests of the minority and fight for their rights.


Translated by: Zhang Dayuan