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The 33rd Party Knowledge Training Class of Peking University Law School Mobilization Meeting and "Party Secretary Lectures" was successfully held


On the evening of October 18, 2020, the mobilization meeting for the 33rd Party Knowledge Training Class Law School of Peking University and the "Party Secretary Lecture" was successfully held in the Lecturer Hall, (Leo) Koguan Building. Lu Jiangnan, Vice Party Secretary, Shi Shi, Assistant Dean and Director of Student Affairs Office, attended the meeting. Students of the 33rd Party Knowledge Training Course attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Li Hejun, a full-time counselor from the Student Affairs Office.




In his speech, teacher Shi Shi combined with the theme education of "Don't forget the original heart and keep in mind the mission", and systematically explained the specific connotation of the "initial heart" and "mission" of young student party members. Teacher Shi Shi stated that, in a major change century unseen in the past , the trainees of the training class should strengthen their understanding of the party, firmly love the party’s original aspiration, clarify the mission and tasks, integrate the understanding of the party into their daily study and life, and always be a standard excellent Communist Party members to strive to join the party organization as soon as possible.




From his personal experience, Jia Pingxuan, an outstanding student representative of the 32nd training class and a class of 2018 undergraduate, described the significance of party lessons and put forward suggestions on how to participate in the training.




Teacher Li Hejun explained the party member development process, training content, attendance and leave system and other matters, and gave specific guidance to the trainees for smooth training and learning.




In the part of the party class, Teacher Lu Jiangnan gave a lecture on the theme of "the basic conditions of a party member and how to join the party". He brought a vivid first lesson on joining the party for the students by taking the party’s recommendations and development as the core, using "Peking University", "youth" and "legal person" as keywords, combining with the special background of the epidemic prevention and control, starting from the three dimensions of the past, present and future.



After the meeting, the students carefully reviewed the content of the party class and launched in-depth discussions. Everyone said that we must learn from the advanced deeds of outstanding Communists, learn the great anti-epidemic spirit, establish higher values, cultivate patriotism, connect personal growth with the development of the motherland and national rejuvenation, and actively move closer to the party organization.

This mobilization meeting and the party secretary’s lecture is an important training link of the 33rd party’s knowledge training class. It has a deep understanding of the connotation of the party spirit for the students. Young students at Peking University will continue to inherit the red genes and glorious traditions of Peking University, remember the glory of history, keep up with the pace of the times, truly do not forget the original aspiration, keep the mission in mind.



Translated by Chen Yangbing

Edited by Shan Baowei