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The seminar of special selection of excellent students from the famous universities and the co-construction cooperation meeting between Peking University and Jiangsu court system were successfully held

On the morning of October 15th, The seminar of special selection of excellent students from the famous universities was successfully held in the Lecturer Hall on the first floor of (Leo) Koguan Building.The leaders of Jiangsu Province who attended the presentation were Mao Zhonghua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Vice President of Jiangsu Higher People’s Court, Sun Daolin, Party Secretary and President of Nanjing Intermediate People’s Court, Sun Xiaozeng, Member of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Political Department of Jiangsu Higher People's Court, Yang Xiaorong, Deputy Director of the Political Department and Director of the Organization and Personnel Division, Jiangsu Higher People's Court, Zhao Xueyan, Director of Research Office of Nanjing Intermediate People's Court, and others. The leaders of Peking University who attended the seminar were Dong Zhiyong, Assistant to the Principle and General Secretary of Peking University, Chen Zhengwei, Director of the Student Career Guidance Service Center, Pan Jianfeng, Dean of the Law School, and Lu Jiangnan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Law School. More than 130 law students attended the meeting. The seminar was hosted by Lu Jiangnan.



First of all, on behalf of Peking University, Assistant to the Principle Dong Zhiyong extended a warm welcome to the visit of the Jiangsu Provincial Court System Propaganda Team. He pointed out that Peking University and the Jiangsu provincial government system have always maintained good exchanges and cooperation. The open, integrated, innovative and enterprising Jiangsu Province is a broad stage for talent officers to start businesses. He put forward three expectations for his classmates: one is to inherit the mission and traditions endowed by the glorious history of Peking University, to deepen the feelings of the family and the country, the second is steadily exercise personal abilities, and have the courage to assume social responsibilities; the third is to thoroughly study the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s reply and speech, take root at the grassroots, and use actions to interpret the original aspirations and missions of Peking University’s youth. 



Later, on behalf of the Jiangsu Higher People's Court, President Mao Zhonghua expressed his gratitude to the Peking University Law School for the delivery of talents and expressed his expectation for the in-depth cooperation between the two parties. He pointed out that the Law School of Peking University and the court system of Jiangsu Province are quite related, and the two sides have always maintained close talent exchanges and mutual cooperation. The powerful Jiangsu is not only rich in products, but also rich in background and brilliant in humanities, and it provides excellent policies for talent development. The Jiangsu court system has a capable professional team, outstanding trial performance, and a strong cultural atmosphere. Many indicators are among the top courts in the country, and various construction achievements have been outstanding. The Jiangsu court system means a higher career starting point, better development prospects, and a more complete training mechanism for all candidates. Dean Mao Zhonghua welcomes students to join the big family of Jiangsu courts and contribute his youth to the cause of the rule of law.



President Sun Daolin gave a lecture on the overall situation and talent introduction policies of Nanjing Intermediate People's Court. He pointed out that the charm of Nanjing lies in its profound historical heritage, abundant talent pool and warm social care. Nanjing Intermediate People's Court has rich trial experience, and has been rated as an advanced collective for national court ideological and political, ideological propaganda, judicial research, juvenile trials, trial supervision, civil and commercial trials, intellectual property trials, criminal trials, and disciplinary inspection and supervision. He said that choosing Nanjing Intermediate People's Court will be of great help to individuals' future career development and growth. He hopes that more Peking University students will choose Nanjing and become a shining builder of the Nanjing court system.



The members of the Jiangsu Provincial Court Propaganda Group introduced the relevant recruitment requirements and talent introduction policies to the students in detail. The meticulous policy interpretation helped the students to gain a deeper understanding of the overall working environment, work content, benefits and other information of the Jiangsu court system, and encouraged more students from the Law School of Peking University to go to the grassroots and dedicate their youth and shed blood. During the communication session, they answered the students' questions about the recruitment policy carefully and patiently, so that the students had a fuller understanding of the selection policy of Jiangsu Province.



After the seminar, the Jiangsu Court System and Peking University Law School Co-construction Symposium was successfully held in Conference Room 307 of (Leo) Koguan Building. Leaders from both sides attended the symposium. Dean Pan Jianfeng expressed his expectation for more comprehensive and higher-level cooperation between the two parties. Dean Mao Zhonghua introduced the intention of cooperation. The areas of cooperation include summer internships for graduate students, talent introduction and training, on-the-job experience, joint training, etc.Based on the principles of mutual respect and win-win cooperation, the two parties reached broad consensus on a systematic, large-scale, and structured cooperation system, which further consolidated the foundation for cooperation. Finally, the leaders of the two sides visited the Law School Library. In the process of exchanges and visits, the two sides further narrowed the cooperation distance and established a deeper cooperative friendship.



Talent is the foundation of a wealthy country. In the future, Peking University Law School and the Jiangsu court system will further deepen their cooperation, forge ahead, brave the wind and waves, and strive for more brilliant results in the context of the new development pattern of the new era.


Translated by Rosie

Edited by Rosie