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Past Five years of the Criminal Defense Program in Peking University


Remember where you start, live up to the youth

This program endeavors to build a sharing platform for lifelong learning and exchanges, to build a multi-professional & interactive criminal defense ecosystem and a true legal community.

Focus on digging deeply, accumulate throughout the past five years

This program provides the face-to-face communication with famous professors & the top peers and teaches the most cutting-edge theoretical knowledge. Knowledge mentioned focus on the legal practice of heated-debates, importance and difficulties. The program will continue to seek the truth, to question the reality and to build a knowledge production, service system in the field of criminal defense in China, which is ahead of the theory, broad in vision and pragmatic in practice.

Foreword hand in hand, walk steady till far

Friendly and enthusiastic criminal defense lawyers from all over the country come together to disseminate legal ideas, train legal thinking, teach problem-solving methods and master the trend of professional development.


Shoulder the responsibilities, give back to the society

This program, especially the participants within are eager to shoulder social responsibilities and devoted themselves to social mission and public welfare. To fight the covid-19 epidemic hand in hand, this program created 520 public welfare cloud course and condensed spirit criminal defense. The program in the past five years is   committed to training excellent legal talents.


Translated by: Wang Jiaqi

Edited by: Lu Yiyin