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Peking University Law School held a faculty meeting for the fall semester of 2020

At noon on October 16, the faculty meeting of PKULS for the fall semester of 2020 was successfully held in the lecture hall of Koguan Building.  Dean Pan Jianfeng, Deputy Dean Yang Xiaolei, Xue Jun and Che Hao, Vice Party Secretary Piao Wendan and Lu Jiangnan, as well as all the faculty of PKULS attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Dean Pan Jianfeng. During the meeting, Dean Pan introduced the overall work deployment of this semester, and the leaders in charge introduced the development of related work in their fields.

Vice Party Secretary Piao Wendan introduced the talent introduction and recruitment situation in the first half of the year and the personnel work plan for the next stage. She also introduced new faculty and explained the relevant systems and procedures of the School to attract talents.



Deputy Dean Che Hao gave a detailed introduction to the teaching plan for this semester from the aspects of enrollment, regular teaching and teaching reform. He also expressed his gratitude to the teachers who provided support to the teaching work in the school.



Deputy Dean Xue Jun affirmed the scientific research achievements and important awards received by many teachers this year, and said that the School will continue to provide strong support for scientific research in various disciplines, and encourage young teachers to contribute more to the School’s subject evaluation and future construction.



Deputy Dean Yang Xiaolei introduced the training work under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. He said that under the new situation, Based on the solid condition , the School's high-end training business is constantly seeking for changes and innovations, which will open up a new path for School’s high-end training.



Vice Party Secretary Lu Jiangnan sorted out the main points of student ideological and political education and student affairs in this semester. He also introduced the current situation and future plan of the School’s publicity, alumni, finance, etc. Besides, based on the new situation, he introduced the new measures that will be taken in this semester.



Finally, Dean Pan Jianfeng concluded this meeting. He pointed out that although this year's corona situation has had a greater impact on all aspects of the School, the faculty actively adapt to changes very soon. With the help of the faculty, our School has innovated working methods and achieve steady progress. Dean Pan also encouraged all teachers to continue to strengthen their beliefs, practice the philosophy of seeking truth, being pragmatic and pursuing excellence, unite to promote the steady progress of the School, and continue to cultivate outstanding talents for the country and society.



Translated by: Sun Shengbin

Edited by: Zhang Dayuan