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Welcoming 2020 New Graduate Students

On September 14th, PKU Law School welcomed the new arrivals of 2020 graduate students full of youth and ideals.

As early as 6:00 a.m., voluntary teachers and students from the school had arrived at the Moot Court and Lecture Hall in KoGuan Building as well as the dormitory areas to prepare for the reception of new students. With light and melodious music on, volunteers were all well prepared for the arrival of the new students. 

This year, more than 450 new graduate students were admitted into Law School. To ensure the orderly progress of the registration work and to effectively improve the efficiency of the orientation, the school had set up multiple channels according to the types of students. During the registration, the teacher and student volunteers checked the registration information patiently and carefully, distributed file envelops to the new students and guided them to complete all the registration procedures.

In addition, the school arranged buses to travel to and from KoGuan Building as well as Wanliu and Yuanmingyuan Campus, which provided great convenience to the new students. To make the bus waiting easier, a “Waiting Management Office” and a “Supply Depot” were established by the school. This brought double happiness to the newcomers while halving their luggage burdens, so that the new arrivals could feel the carefulness and attention of the school family. The warm and considerate services from the school volunteers finally obtained unanimous praise from the new students.

The university leaders attached great importance to the reception work of Law School. The voluntary teachers and students on site were sincerely greeted by Gong Qihuang, Executive Party Committee member, Managing Vice President, Academic Dean and Dean of Graduate School of Peking University, and Jiang Guohua, Executive Vice Dean of Graduate School of the university, as well as other leaders. Pan Jianfeng, Dean of Law School, and Lu Jiangnan, Vice Party Secretary, as well as Shi Shi, Youth League Committee Secretary, accompanied the leaders and introduced the orientation work to them.

At 6:00 p.m., head teachers of the new students were summoned at room 307 of KoGuan Building for a meeting on the orientation work. After the meeting, all of the head teachers came to Wanliu and Yuanmingyuan Campus to visit the new students in dormitories. Teachers communicated with the students, answered their questions and reminded them to be careful of individual health. Besides, they asked the students to observe the rules and management requirements on epidemic prevention, maintain healthy living habits, arrange their study and life reasonably and contact the school as soon as possible whenever meeting difficulties. Visits from the head teachers and counselors laid a good foundation for the newcomers to actively adapt to their life in Yanyuan, a wholly new campus.

The arrival of the new students has injected fresh youthful blood into Law School. We hold the firm belief that they are certain to maintain integrity and innovate, give full play to their talents and make their dreams come true here over the days ahead.



Translated by: Sun Shengbin

Edited by: Lu Yiyin