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Law School welcomes 2020 undergraduates

On September 1, the law school ushered in the new class of 2020 undergraduates with dreams and vigor.

At 5:30 in the morning, the law school teachers and student volunteers arrived early to set up the welcome station in the Peking University Khoo Teck Puat Gymnasium, and fully prepared for the 2020 undergraduate freshmen with full enthusiasm.

In order to help new students complete the registration procedures of entering Peking University successfully, the law school arranged a roll-up of the registration process at the orientation site, and carefully compiled and printed the "Freshman Admission Handbook" for students to browse and check the admission schedule and adapt the life of Peking University as soon as possible. The teachers patiently and meticulously checked the information, distributed the registration materials, and guided the freshmen to complete the registration procedures. The volunteers took photos for each new student in front of the group photo board, recording the first moments with images, and captured the good moments of the first encounter between the young students of Peking University in 2020.

The orientation work was highly valued by school leaders. Qiu Shuiping, the Party Secretary of Peking University, Hao Ping, the headmaster of Peking University and other school leaders came to the orientation site to learn more about the implementation of the orientation work, and extended a warm welcome to law school freshmen, and cordial condolences to the staff and volunteers. 

Law School set up welcome reception stations on the 32nd and 28th dormitory from 6 a.m. to provide warm services to the freshmen. Student volunteers answer questions asked by freshmen and carry their luggage, so that every new student can fully feel the warmth and care of the law school family when they first enter Peking University.

On the evening of September 1, the meeting of the class teacher for the 2020 undergraduate freshmen of the Law School was held in Conference Room 307, Koguan Building. Lu Jiangnan, Vice Party Secretary of the School of Law, Shishi, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, full-time counselors Zhang Jianing, Zhang Runzhi, Li Hejun, and class teachers Zhang Zhiyong, Dang Shuping, Dai Xin, Shi Moran for the class of 2020 undergraduates, and class’s second teachers Wu Xu and Qiao Kang attended the meeting.

After the meeting, teachers visited the dormitory building, met and communicate with the freshmen, answered questions, and reminded the students to pay attention to personal protection, abide by the school’s relevant epidemic prevention and management requirements, maintain healthy living habits, arrange their study and life reasonably, and at the same time exhort students to contact the college as soon as when encountering difficulties. The visits of the class teacher and counselor teachers have effectively helped the students to actively adapt to university life and laid a good foundation for the next four years of study.

The newly arrived young swallows from all over the world are about to set sail at Peking University Law School. I wish the 2020 undergraduate freshmen of the Law School will not forget their original aspirations, keep upright, and move forward with a high-spirited attitude, and grow into a Peking University legal person with ideals, skills and responsibility, and contribute to the development of the rule of law in China



Translated by: Liu Chuantai

Edited by: Zhang Dayuan