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Peking University Law School’s 2020 ceremony of welcoming new students successfully held

At 14:00 on September 20th, Peking University Law School's 2020 ceremony of welcoming new students was successfully held in the first stadium. Pan Jianfeng, Dean of Peking University Law School, Guo Li, Party Secretary of Law School, Yang Xiaolei and Che Hao, Deputy Dean of Law School, gathered to celebrate the enrollment of 171 undergraduate students, 90 law masters, 310 legal masters, 52 doctors and 11 Chinese law Master students together with Dai Xin, He Jian, He Wefang, Hong Yanrong, Ling bin, Liang Genlin, Liu Yan, Wang Huawei, Zuo Yilu, Zhang Zhiyong, Chen Zhihong, Dang Shuping, Du Xuejiao, Fu Chengyu, Jia Weiwei, Li Hejun, Li Wanyu, Lu Xinxin, Qiao Kang, Shi Moran, Shi Shi, Wu Xu, Yao Yueming, Zhang Jianing, Zhang Runzhi and other faculty members. The ceremony was presided over by Lu Jiangmen, Vice Party Secretary of Law School.

First of all, Professor Liu Yan delivered a speech as a teacher representative. She shared her experience and understanding during her study in Peking University and encouraged these new students to cherish their good time in Peking University, enrich knowledge in class, build a strong body by doing exercise, get to understand responsibility in practice, hoping to meet future challenges with a high spirited outlook.

Subsequently, Zhou Yuansong, a master of law in 2018, gave a speech as a representative of students in school. He cheered the freshmen on to be down-to-earth to explore rich resources of Peking University Law School, truly cherish the valuable learning opportunities, and "concentrate on one mind, one ambition, forget one's time and forget one's achievements" in the process of learning, which made self to move forward in a broad and profound direction, create ideological and spiritual achievements, and open a new chapter in life.

After that, Chen Yizhou, a undergraduate in 2020, spoke as a representative of freshmen. She put forward her own understanding and expectation of university life, encouraged students to find the "law" of life, explore the "law" of social equity and justice, and participate in the "law" of governing the country. She looked forward to working with students to achieve better self and build a better university.

Afterwards, Guo Zhenyuan, a doctor in 2020, made a speech as a representative of the freshmen. He shared his thoughts on becoming a qualified law graduate student and a real "legal person of Peking University". He encouraged the freshmen to learn extensively and endlessly, to shoulder the mission of young lawyers in Peking University, and strive to become the promoter of the rule of law, the defender of the spirit of the rule of law, and the participant in the rise of a big country.

Professor Pan Jianfeng, Dean of Peking University Law School, on behalf of all the faculty, students and staff, extended a warm welcome and congratulations to the new students of 2020 who came to Peking University Law School. He taught the students to shoulder the collective sense of honor and historical mission of people in Law School. In the process of learning in Peking University, students should not forget to pursuit the knowledge and truth, bravely meet the challenges, choose their favorite career and work unremittingly for it, actively explore the spiritual concept of fairness and justice, and take on the important task of the new era of Peking University legal personnel.

The welcoming ceremony successfully ended with the singing of "Yan Yuan Qing" by all the teachers and students.



Translated by: Lin Yufang

Edited by: Wu Yunkai