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Law School Held the 2020 Spring Semester Faculty Meeting Successfull


On the afternoon of July 2, the Law School 2020 Spring Semester Faculty Meeting was held online through Tencent Meeting. Law School Dean Pan Jianfeng, Party Secretary Guo Li, Vice Dean Che Hao, Vice Party Secretary Lu Jiangnan and all of the faculty attended the meeting online. The meeting was presided over by Dean Pan Jianfeng. At the meeting, combining with the particularity of the period of epidemic prevention and control, the leadership of PKULS introduced the related work in their respective fields in this semester.




Vice Dean Che Hao sorted out the educational administration work from the aspects of enrollment and teaching, introduced in detail the harvest and achievements of distance learning in special period, and reported emphatically the latest achievements of a series of reforms and innovations in curriculum setting and graduation thesis reply mechanism. 

Vice Party Secretary Lu Jiangnan reported the prevention and control of the epidemic and the online implementation of regular student affairs since the beginning of this semester, and summarized the phase achievements in ideological and political education, publicity and informatization, employment of graduates, schoolfellow and finance and so on.




Party Secretary Guo Li reviewed the work of Party building in this semester, affirmed fruitful achievements of teacher’s ethics construction, and reported the fruits of international communication and cooperation in the special period and the related personnel work. 

Finally, Dean Pan Jianfeng reported the achievements made in the scientific research of PKULS, and emphasized the contributions of many teachers to the prevention and control of the epidemic and the resumption of work. Meanwhile, Dean Pan summarized and planned the work on teaching, scientific research, foreign affairs, study, administration, personnel and finance of PKULS, called on all the staff to continue to carry forward the spirit of bravely fighting against difficulties, actively participate in the school’s public affairs, and work together to help PKULS to a new level under the background of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. 

Translated by Yang Shuyu

Edited by Yin Ziyou