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Collected Works of Rui Mu published and held an online press conference

Recently, Collected Works of Rui Mu was published by Peking University Press and held an online press conference. Rui mu (1908-2011) is a famous jurist and law educator in China and senior professor of philosophy and social sciences of Peking University. Collected Works of Rui Mu contains representative essays, translations, legislative suggestions, book prefaces, book reviews, lecture notes and unfinished manuscripts (not including published monographs). Among them, Mr. Rui Mu's doctoral dissertation (in German and Chinese translation) was published for the first time in China.

Mr. Rui Mu is a cross-century scholar. He was born in Wuxing, Zhejiang in 1908. He studied in Europe when he was young and taught in American universities after graduation. After returning to China in the mid-1940s, he first taught law at the Southwest Associated University. After that, he taught at Peking University until his death in 2011. The breadth and depth of his research field is breathtaking. His research involves civil law, economic law, international economic law, private international law, legal philosophy and other fields. Most importantly, as the founder of China's international economic law and economic law, Mr. Rui Mu has cultivated a large number of legal workers and teachers in the fields of international trade, international investment and international finance. The compilation and publication of Collected Works of Rui Mu has important value for the study of Mr. Rui Mu's academic thoughts and the development of Chinese law.


(Collected Works of Rui Mu)

After his death, his students took two years to compile and complete the Collected Works of Rui Mu in order to provide convenience for the younger scholars to study his legal thoughts. Wu Zhipan, a professor at Peking University Law School and a student of Mr. Rui Mu, wrote in the preface: "Mr. Rui Mu has lived for the country, for academics, and for students all his life. He was still working and thinking until he was a hundred years old. He has gone through more than a century and has experienced three great historical changes including the establishment of the Republic of China, the establishment of the People's Republic of China and the reform and opening up. His erudition and wisdom, his cautious speech and low-key, his profound thinking and vision, his righteousness and perseverance are outstanding among contemporary scholars."


Rui Mu (1908—2011), was born in Wuxing (now Huzhou), Zhejiang Province, and is a famous jurist and law educator in China. He graduated from Shanghai Aurora University in 1930 with a bachelor of arts degree. In 1933, he graduated from the University of Paris in France with a master's degree in law. In 1935, he graduated from the University of Frankfurt, Germany with a doctorate in law. After returning to China, he was engaged in legal education. In 1938, he served as a professor at Chongqing Central University and in 1941 as a professor at The National SouthWest Associated University in Kunming. From 1945 to 1947, he was invited to visit and teach at Florida State University, Columbia University and New York University. He returned to China in 1947 and became a professor at Peking University. 


Translated by Wu Qiliang

Edited by Wu Yunkai