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Teachers of PKULS Actively Taught the Open Course of Epidemic Prevention and Control to Help Students' Ideological and Political Education

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the teachers of PKULS have actively participated in all kinds of public lectures at the invitation of relevant departments, preached to different kinds of student groups and sectors of the society, disseminated the voice of PKULS, responded timely to the social concerns, helped the ideological guidance and patriotism education of primary and secondary school students, and practiced the social responsibility of Peking University's legal personnel.

The promulgation of Chinese Civil Code is an important event in the political and legal life of our country. On June 7, Prof. Liu Kaixiang was invited to lecture on Peking University's fifth "Peking University lecture" on "situation and policy" course. In the form of online class, he taught the students the system structure and main contents of the civil code, focused on the important position of the civil code in the socialist legal systems with Chinese characteristics, and further interpreted the civil code's role in promoting the overall rule of law. The civil code is of great significance to speed up the construction of a socialist country ruled by law and to modernize the system and capacity of national governance.

Young people play an important role in the fight against epidemic. On May 14, Prof. Jin Jinping visited Tencent Social Research Center's "information society in China - social cognition forum under the epidemic situation". Prof. Jin fully combined the social responsibility and era responsibility of contemporary youth in public volunteer service, and shared online under the title of public welfare response in epidemic situation: organization, action and value.

Since winter and spring, the majority of young people have carried out exchanges through various online forms to help and encourage each other and make contributions to the fight against the epidemic. On March 29, Prof. Gao Wei was invited to participate in the online Salon "the boundary between public security and personal information protection during the epidemic" jointly held by PKULS and WHULS, to comment on the speeches made by the representatives of the students of the two universities and to make thematic exchange and sharing. Prof. Gao Wei encouraged students to enhance their ability in practice, combine their professional expertise with social practice, and make suggestions for data application and processing in China from the system level.

Since February this year, a special program of epidemic prevention and control has been launched in the column of "teacher please answer" of BTV, and Prof. Yan Tian has been invited as a permanent guest. On March 23, the program held a special class meeting themed "youth blooming" of Peking University. In combination with the background of law major, Prof. Yan encouraged young students to actively practice their excellent skills and integrate their youth into the mountains and rivers of China and around the world.

On June 10, Prof. Yan Tian was invited to participate in the second public course of epidemic prevention and control "learning in comparison" jointly created by Beijing Municipal Committee of education and work, Beijing University Ideological and political theory course innovation center and learning power, and gave online lectures on the topic of "rule of law culture in epidemic prevention and control". Prof. Yan introduced the basic connotation of "rule of law" in detail, and combined with the actual situation of epidemic prevention and control, made a profound interpretation of the continuous strengthening of the rule of law culture in the aspects of legislation, law enforcement and law-abiding. (video link: )

The epidemic prevention and control has entered the normalization stage, and all kinds of graduating students of law school have returned to school. At the same time of strictly implemented the prevention and control measures, the college teachers actively undertook the tasks of returning to school, steadily promoted the teaching tasks and graduation affairs, guided all students to actively adjust their mentality without relax and slack, constantly deepened their cognitive thinking on the normalization of epidemic prevention and control.


Translated by: Bian Letian

Edited by: Xu Luyu