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Law School Organizes Themed Activities on Youth Day

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The people of the whole country are united to fight with COVID-19, finally succeeded. China's Youth Day is approaching, President Xi Jinping said that in the new era, Chinese youth should pass on the May Fourth spirit among young people and strengthen beliefs and convictions, stand firm on the people's standpoint, develop excellent skills, and devote themselves to build the country.

In memorize of the 101st anniversary of May Fourth Movement and 122nd anniversary of founding of Peking university, the Law School organizes a theme activity.

In order to celebrate the May 4th Youth Day and the 122nd anniversary of Peking University, the second May 4th Youth Long-distance Race of Peking University kicked off online. 702 teachers and students of the law school, from different provinces, used the sports app to note down the routines.



Before the event, the College Youth League Committee made good preparation, divided the registered students into 35 teams, and assigned the backbone of the regimental team as team leaders to ensure one-to-one phone communication with each student participating in the event. By holding an online meeting, the event notes and safety requirements are noticed, and the students' concerns and doubts are timely feedback.


From May 2nd to 4th, 702 Peking University legal persons embarked on a journey of youth long-distance running nationwide, jointly celebrating the Youth Day and the birthday of Peking university, with a total running distance of nearly 4,000 kilometers. The footprints of the teachers and students painted characters such as "patriotic", "May Fourth", "PKU", "Peking University", "love", and traveled throughout Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shiyan, Chengdu, Qingdao, Xiamen, Miluo, Zunyi... Peking University legal persons convey their feeling of patriotism and love to the school with practice and the most beautiful smile.




On the evening of May 3rd, the 4th branch of the 2019 Master of Laws and students of Wuhan University held a "Peking and Wuhan University Online Poetry Meeting". The students of the two schools jointly learned the spirit of the letter written by President Xi Jinping and expressed their dreams, retrospected the May 4th spirit and discuss how young people in the new era should stick to their responsibilities.

Nine students from Peking University Law School and Wuhan University have successively recited classic poems. Retrospecting the May 4th Movement, the students lamented and expressed their respect to the well-known patriotic young people. Everyone expressed their desire to pass on the May Fourth spirit and learn from the outstanding young role models in the fight against the epidemic.



Finally, students from the two schools jointly studied President Xi Jinping 's message to the youth of all ethnic groups on the occasion of the May 4th Youth Day and the spirit of reply letter to 34 Party members from Peking University's medical team born in the 1990s who were sent to Hubei province. Everyone said that in the future, we should develop excellent skills in practice, and serve people heart and soul. At the end of the meeting, the students of the two schools recite a classic poem together to express their patriotic enthusiasm and pay tribute to the May Fourth pioneers.



This year's May Fourth Youth Day is destined to be different from the past because of the COVID-19. Young people of all nationalities in the country actively responded to the party's call, actively participated in the epidemic prevention.  In order to make the best of leading role of the idea of ​​Youth League organization, all student league branches, Youth League committee and student associations of the Law School "off-campus and not off-line" use new media communication methods to actively carry out various online theme activities through online lectures, short videos and other forms call on students to be courageous to be "practitioners", discipline themselves to be "strugglers", to practice as "actors", to actively participate in epidemic prevention with their own knowledge.

On the morning of May 4th, each student league branch of the Faculty of Law, all the students of the Youth League School, and the backbone of Youth League together watched Peking University’s 2020 flag-raising ceremony and youth poetry meeting. The students said that the May 4th ancestors sacrificed themselves to create the era of youth; as a Chinese youth in the new era, we should keep in mind the entrustment to young people and pay tribute to the role models of young people who are fighting on the front line and take on responsibilities with practice to make the young generation truly become the backbone of the Republic.



Although they cannot go to the front line like the medical workers, the students of the law school are always full of devotion, making every effort to contribute to the victory of fighting against the epidemic. At the time of the May 4th Youth Day, the Law School Student Union, the Graduate Union, and the Law Masters Union organized students to take short videos to pays tribute to all the young role models who participated in the epidemic prevention work and presented a special blessing to devotees.



Under the special situation of epidemic prevention, the volunteers of the Legal Aid Association insisted on “off-campus and not off-line” principle and provided online legal consultation and popularizing voluntary services for the whole society through Peking University BBS, mailbox, QQ and other channels. Since the epidemic has occurred, it has received more than 80 online visitors, provided more than 250 hours of legal consultation, and published more than 20 popular tweets and short videos on new media platforms, which fully demonstrated the dedication and responsibility of the young lawyers of Peking University.



In order to guide students to practice President Xi Jinping's thought of ecological civilization, the Youth Volunteers Association of the Law School organized the planting activities from April 22nd to May 4th, based on the actual situation of epidemic prevention. Students set up a "cloud" tree by establishing an online self-study room, learn with public welfare partners, put down their mobile phones, focus on study and develop good learning and living habits. The two-week cloud planting activity attracted extensive attention and active participation of law school students. The students accumulated more than 6,000 minutes of tree planting, with an average of 142 minutes per person per day. Finally, 26 trees were planted successfully. They strengthened the greenness and beauty of the motherland with practice.



President Xi Jinping said on the occasion of the May Fourth Youth Day that the vast majority of young Chinese in the new era should pass on to the May 4th  spirit, strengthen their ideals and beliefs, stand firm on the people’s standpoint, develop excellent skills, devote themselves to strengthening the country and fighting bravely on the new Long March road to realize the Chinese nation's great revival.

Law school students will keep in mind the entrustment of the general secretary and continue to pass on to the May 4th spirit with practice, bravely shoulder the mission of the youth of Peking University in the new era, live up to the expectations of the motherland and the people, and let youth bloom the gorgeous flowers where the party and the people need it most !


Translated by: Fang leyun

Edited by: Mao chengle