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Q&A Law Firm Job Fair of “Warmest Employment Season” Held Successfully

On the evening of May 15th, the online Q&A Law Firm Job Fair sponsored by the Peking University Law School and the Haidian District Lawyers Association was successfully held via Tencent conference. This event invited Beijing Yixian Law Firm, Bairui Law Firm, Daochong Law Firm, Bangsheng Law Firm, Hengli Law Firm, Guotao Law Firm, Di Pingxian Law Firm, Jiaguan Law Firm, Huirong Law Firm, Huamao Silicon Valley Law Firm, Renfu Law Firm, Jingkai Law Firm, Jinghe Law Firm, Rongtai Law Firm, Wei Ou Sheng Law Firm, Wan Hui Da Law Firm, Tongchuang Law Firm, Shengting Law Firm, Zhongzhou Law Firm, Zhongzhi Law Firm, Zhang Tieyan Law Firm, Xinkai Law Firm, Weiheng Law Firm, Zhongtian Law Firm and so on, 24 well-known law firms in total to participate in. Through the “one-to-one” Q&A method, the students directly asked questions, and consulted with senior partners or human resource managers of various law firms on law firm information, law firm profiles, recruitment needs, their own job search intentions, future career development and other issues. More than 120 law school fresh graduates and non-fresh students are participating in this activity online.



At the beginning of the event, the host introduced the participating law firms and guests, and thanked the guests, teachers and students for their active participation.

First, Zhang Dongxiao, deputy director of the Employment Guidance Office of the School of Law, made a welcome speech. Teacher Zhang once again expressed his heartfelt thanks to the careful preparation of the Haidian District Bar Association and the major law firms that have provided valuable employment and internship opportunities to students. At the same time, Teacher Zhang gave a brief introduction to the employment situation of graduates in light of the recent employment situation, and encouraged students to cherish this recruitment opportunity, fully communicate and exchange with the seniors of the law profession, understand the latest information and practice status, and finally Choose suitable and satisfactory employment and internship positions.

Then, the online Q&A session officially began. Students actively questioned the law firm’s recruitment needs, job requirements, job search precautions, career training models, job prospects, and future career planning in special periods, and received patient answers from many law firm guests. Attorney Wang Baohua of Law Firm, Attorney Li Tao of Barry Law Firm, and Attorney Zhang Zhiping of Huirong Law Firm encouraged students to maintain a positive and good job-seeking mentality, lay a good foundation, and dare to try and challenge in daily practice. At the same time, a number of law firms focused on introducing the law firm’s new talent training model, and conducted in-depth sharing on various forms of “passing on belts”.

Finally, Zhongtian Law Firm and Xinkai Law Firm gave presentations on the development history, main business and recruitment needs of their law firms, helping students have a more in-depth and detailed understanding of the law firms. The whole event ended successfully in a warm and harmonious communication atmosphere.

This online Q&A session aims to fully alleviate the practical difficulties faced by students in the special period of information asymmetry and cognitive anxiety during the job search process; Building an effective platform for “face-to-face” between employers and students is a great way to further promotes interaction and exchanges between law firms and students, and help graduates and students to cope with job search confusion and achieve job search ideals.


Translated by: Mao Chengle

Edited by: Mao Chengle