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Law School Made Full Efforts to Promote "Warm Spring Action" to Put Care into Practice

In order to better play the role of the Communist Youth League in contacting, serving and uniting young people, further understand, care about the ideological trends of young students during the epidemic, practically solve the difficulties of young people, and make every effort to ensure successful graduation of graduates in 2020, Peking University Law School actively responded to the work deployment of "Warm Spring Action" of the PKU Youth League Committee, combined with the current epidemic situation, adhering to the principle of "overall consideration, coordinated linkage, classified guidance and precise implementation", and taking multiple measures to carry out the care action for young students.

Expressing Comfort, Solving Difficulties, Sending Warmth to You

Since February 2nd, in order to help students better adapt to the life of staying in school during the epidemic and understand the school's policies on epidemic prevention and control, Peking University Law School has continued to visit and console students, distributed masks, thermometers and other epidemic prevention materials to students. On April 10th, Youth League Committee Secretary Shi Shi led the League Cadres and the counselors to the student dormitory, visited 34 students one by one, exchanged learning and living conditions with students, understood the follow-up implementation and satisfaction for students' feedback problems, explained the relevant epidemic prevention policies in detail, and delivered warm package to each of them.

At the beginning of the work for epidemic prevention, Peking University Law School responded in time, formed a special working group, adopted the "one-to-one implementation of concern" approach, carried out comprehensive assistance for key student groups, such as students in Hubei, students with family economic difficulties, students with psychological disorders, students from ethnic minorities, students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, etc., and paid attention continuously to grasp and solve the problems and difficulties of students.

Since closed-off management was taken on the campus, in order to fully protect the students' life and study at home, Peking University Law School Youth League Committee has met the students' needs timely, collected and sent computers, books, important documents and certificates to students outside the school more than 230 times.


Paying Attention to Education, Understanding the Heart Knot, and Passing Warmth through Psychological Support

Peking University Law School Youth League Committee deeply studied and understood the important spirit of the General Secretary's reply letter, made efforts to strengthen the ideological guidance to the youth during the epidemic, continuously held more than 180 online theme activities in various form, explored the valuable ideological and political resources left by the major national day activities, invited the former selected graduates to share their work experience to guide students to firm their faith, actively apply for grassroots jobs, and closely integrate the realization of personal value with the needs of the country.

Under the impact of the epidemic, young students are experiencing unprecedented ups and downs in study, job-hunting, life and other aspects. Peking University Law School Youth League Committee and counselors extensively mobilized the backbone of the League school, cooperated with the part-time counselors of students to contact and care about all students, including students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, foreign students, and part-time students, found out the students who were anxious due to the pressure of study, graduation and employment, and timely give warm encouragement to them.

In addition, Peking University Law School Youth League Committee actively supported students to organize various online activities with temperature and depth: the Student Association launched the "Goodnight Plan" reading activity; the Graduate Student Association launched a series of activities of " Fighting against Epidemic on Line, Connecting with Students in Mind" and published interviews such as " the Never-Ending Stories of Professors Liu”.

All Measures has been Taken with Great Efforts to Build a Safe Haven for Employment

In order to solve the needs of graduates to the greatest extent, Peking University Law School Youth League Committee and the counselors led the League backbones and the part-time counselors of students to communicate with 701 graduates in 2020 by telephone, including 663 students from Mainland China, 20 students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and 18 foreign students, and established statistical account of graduates' employment information covering the progress of graduation thesis, employment intention, employment progress and problems.

Meanwhile, Peking University Law School Youth League Committee also timely fed back to the opinions and suggestions of student organizations on the employment guidance for graduates, instructed them to actively hold development guidance activities online, such as holding a double election meeting online for employment of legal persons, launching the exchange of skills for making resumes of legal persons in response to the common needs of students for resume guidance, holding various lectures on job hunting and employment guidance covering many fields of legal service industry to realize the "face-to-face" communication between students and outstanding predecessors, organizing exchange meeting for selected students representatives to share with the experience of life rooted in the grass-roots areas and the spirit of learning the important letter reply from the General Secretary.

At present, the work for epidemic prevention and control has entered a new stage. On the basis of the existing achievements, Peking University Law School Youth League Committee will continue to respond to Peking University's guidelines and policies, adhere to the core of "warmth", pursue "quality and efficiency", play the active role of the existing working group on information collection, communication, assistance and implementation, and welcome the arrival of the victory against epidemic with a high spirited attitude.


Translated by: Yang Shuyu

Revised by: Yin Ziyou