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“Zhihai Youya” job career session of XUANDIAOSHENG was successfully held

On the evening of March 14th, the “Zhihai Youya” job career experience sharing session, which was hold by the Employment Guidance Office of the Peking University Law School and the Peking University Law Masters Union, was successfully held in the form of a live broadcast of the Tencent conference. This meeting invites six outstanding fresh graduates who have passed the assessment of XUANDIAOSHENG in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong, Hebei, Fujian and other places to share their experience on the selection policies, assessment methods, test preparation suggestions, career planning and other contents. Zhang Dongxiao, deputy director of the Employment Guidance Office, participated in this sharing meeting. The meeting was presided over by Zhou Yuansong, Master of Laws, 2018.



First of all, the host introduced the background of the sharing meeting and pointed out that this meeting hopes to provide a platform for graduates to communicate and interact, and help the students who are looking for jobs to plan and prepare early, calmly deal with job search difficulties, and help realize the ideal of job search.

Afterwards, the graduates began to share their experiences one by one. The 2017 Master of Laws, Liu Jiawei introduced the experience of preparing for exams in details from the perspective of Beijing’s policy, position, registration ratio, test and so on. The 2017 Master of Laws, Duan Yuke focuses on a analysis of political management and comprehensive management positions in Shanghai that are suitable for the law school students. The 2017 Master of Laws, Yao Wuming shared the selection policies of Guangdong Province, focusing on his job search experience about various official information he got and reasonable decisions he made. Su Zichan, a Master of Law in 2017, mainly shared the experience of selection in Shandong Province from the application procedures, selection conditions and training management. Zhou Han, a 2017 law master, said that Hebei Province has been the province with the largest number of XUANDIAOSHENG in the Peking University election for four years, and shared his application strategy. Xu Shen, a 2017 Master of Law, introduced XUANDIAOSHENG policies in Fujian Province, meanwhile shared his own experience about the test strategies and interview skills.

In the process of experience sharing, all graduates expressed their expectations and longing for grassroots work and life, as well as their perseverance and determination to actively respond to the call of the motherland and go to the places where the country needs it most.

Finally, all the teachers and students actively interacted with each other with the current COVID-19 situation, introducing and sharing the touching stories of the grassroots work. The students expressed that they wanted to continue to develop good skills and serve the country and the people with real skills.

This sharing meeting aims to vividly show the good performance of graduates who strive hard, actively seek jobs, and aspire to the grassroots work when there is COVID-19, and further guide the youth of the college to devote to grassroots work and serve the people after graduation.


Translated by: Mao Chengle

Edited by: Mao Chengle