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The special exchange meeting of four law schools in the "warmest employment season" held up successfully

On the evening of April 4, hosted by the Youth League Committee of the Law School ,the Employment Guidance and Service Office of the Law School, joined organized by Master of Laws Association of Peking University, the Graduate School Branch Committee of the Tsinghua University Law School, the Graduate School of Renmin University of China Law School, and the Graduate School of Beijing Normal University, The special exchange meeting"Zhi Hai You Ya" of the law firm was successfully held through the online live broadcast of the Tencent conference. This event invited six graduates from three law schools including Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Renmin University of China ,who will sign up with King&Wood Mallesons, Zhonglun, Fangda, Hankun, and Latham & Watkins LLP, share their experience on career choices, recruitment policies, test-taking communication skills and other aspects under the virus situation.



First, the host introduced the guests and expressed gratitude for the participation of the students from friend schools.

Afterwards, the graduates shared their experiences one by one. Fan Rong, a 2017 Master of Law from Tsinghua University, gave a detailed introduction to career planning, selection of law firms and fields of practice, search skills of law firm job, etc., and put forward practical suggestions on how to search law firm job based on his own experience. Wei Jing, a 2017 Master of Law from Renmin University of China, introduced working state of lawyers and the relevant procedure of King&Wood Mallesons Law Firm's gold casting plan, and pointed out that multiple attempts should be made to stay positive. Yang Zurei, a 2018 master of law of Peking University shared the relevant situation of branches of foreign law firms. He detailed the business scope, recruitment status, employment requirements, working status and future development path. Dong Xiao from Tsinghua University combined his personal experience with job search, introduced that details should be paid attention to when looking for an internship in a law firm, and listed the qualities required for lawyers. Li Menghuan, a 2017 Master of Law from Peking University, shared internship and scientific research experience. Zhang Shuo, a 2017 Master from Renmin University of China, emphasized the importance of lawyers ’career planning and ability training, at the same time gave specific suggestions from lawyers’ ability training and work skills.



Afterwards, graduates actively shared their thoughts on how to adjust their mentality, overcome practical difficulties, and get job offers successfully under the employment assistance policies of their universities under the virus prevention and control background. They all thought it important to try to select multi-directional careers in the current situation.

Finally, the guests and students interacted with the typical problems and confusions of employment and internship under virus situation.

The purpose of this event is to build an interactive platform for graduates to share job-searching experiences. By presenting the direct understanding and feelings of graduates from various universities, it provides more effective, accurate, comprehensive experience to further help students  strengthen their confidence, calmly deal with the difficulties of job search, and strive to achieve their ideals.


Translated by: Li Yue