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Law School Holds 4 · 15 National Public Security Education Day Popularization Campaign

April 15, 2020 is the fifth "National Security Education Day for All". Peking University Law School organized the National Public Security Education Day popularization campaign on the basis of the Legal Aid Association to guide students to enhance the legal awareness of national security and promote the consciousness and initiative.


In order to create an atmosphere of protecting national security among the students of law school, this activity, based on professional characteristics, collected judicial cases and regulations related to national security, wrote articles such as Explaining the Law by Case——how Citizens Should Maintain National Security and National Security Education Day for All, You Should Know These Legal Tips, comprehensively introduced the rich connotation of China ’s national security, focusing on political security, homeland security, military security, economic security, cultural security, social security, technological security, information security, ecological security, resource security, nuclear Security, overseas interests and security, etc., and guided students to firmly establish the overall national security concept and be a firm defender of national security by analyzing the legal provisions and explaining real cases.



Since the outbreak of COVID-19, biosecurity and public health security have become common concern of the whole society. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that biosecurity should be an important part of the country ’s overall security, and its systematic confrontation capabilities and levels should be improved. Combined with current hot issues, with the help of new media, we actively carry out virus prevention and control of the rule of law propaganda from the perspective of public health safety, biosecurity awareness, network environment security, etc. Several articles about scientific virus prevention, wildlife protection, Network information ecological governance have been posted such as In the Face of Epidemic, Where Should Wildlife Protection Law Go, The Internet Is Not Beyond the Law, Think Twice Before Speaking, Identify Fake Masks, and Mask Your Safety, Follow Epidemic Prevention Law and Anti-epidemic Regulations. Based on the overall national security concept throughout the entire process of law publicity and education, the event was intended to call on students to start from practice, start with me, fulfill the responsibilities of citizens in responding to public health emergencies, and jointly maintain National Security.


In addition, the students fully exerted the spirit of “off-school but not off-line” during the virus prevention and control. With the help of Peking University BBS, mailbox, QQ, WeChat public account and other manners, they provided online voluntary legal aid services to the whole society.



The true realization of national security depends on everyone ’s participation and everyone ’s accomplishment. The Law School will continue to carry out law popularization and education activities to guide students to enhance their ability to discern information, improve national security awareness and consciously assume the responsibility and obligation to maintain national security, accomplish the mission of the young legal person of Peking University.


Translated by: Fang leyun