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Law School Takes Multiple Measures to Actively Carry out Online Employment Guidance and Service Work

Recently, the School of Law has strictly implemented the general instruction spirit of the President Xi jinping about resolutely winning the epidemic prevention, and actively responded to the notification requirements of the national ministries and commissions on the employment of college graduates. With the strong support of the school, many measures have been taken. At the same time, we will actively carry out online employment guidance and service work, and strive to promote efficient and high-quality employment of graduates.


Comprehensively smooth recruitment information, and carefully carry out one-on-one assistance. Since the online start of school on February 17, the College ’s Employment Guidance and Service Office has cumulatively pushed and forwarded more than one hundred legal-related job recruitment information through official and micro public accounts, WeChat groups, and mailboxes, providing comprehensive, timely and convenient access for graduates Recruitment information to help. At the same time, the first legal special online job-seeking double election meeting was successfully held, actively building a communication bridge between employers and graduates, and trying to reduce the impact of the epidemic on graduates' job search. In addition, one-on-one assistance is provided for key graduates. The counselors communicate one-on-one to learn more about job search progress and related difficulties, and provide personalized help such as pushing employment information and recommending internship opportunities. As of March 16, all key recipients have clearly defined their employment intentions.


Provide job search statistics in detail and implement accurate services in a down-to-earth manner. On March 6, the college started the mid-term statistical work on the employment progress of the 2020 graduates in a timely manner, specifically verifying the basic information related to graduation matters, and fully grasping the graduates' graduation directions. Strive to further strengthen employment guidance and service during the epidemic, ensure targeted employment guidance in the next stage, improve the accuracy of employment services, and strive for full employment of graduates. At the same time, the full-coverage survey was used to solicit opinions and suggestions from graduates on the employment management and service of the college during the epidemic prevention period, and strive to provide full guarantee for the smooth graduation and accurate employment of graduates.


Actively enrich online activities to effectively help career growth. Actively contact resources from all walks of life, organize and plan various online recruitment seminars, talent salons and job-seeking lectures this semester to ensure that various brand-specific activities are not affected by the epidemic. On the evening of March 14th, we successfully held the first special job-seeking lecture on job selection. Graduates from all over the world actively shared their job-seeking experience combined with practical experience, and talked about the life perception of growing up and training in places where the motherland needs the most. Various activities aim to further enrich employment guidance and service forms during the epidemic, provide graduates with more diverse career choices, and help graduates grow and develop their careers.


During the epidemic, the law school actively discussed and deployed, attached great importance to the employment of graduates, insisted on taking multiple measures and doing detailed job guidance and services for graduates, and strived to successfully complete the employment of the 2020 graduates.


 (Law School Employment Guidance and Service Office)



Translated by: Du Jinguo


Edited by: Mao Chengle