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PKU Law school takes multiple measures to steadily promote the employment of graduates in 2020

In order to fully guarantee the successful graduation of the 2020 graduates and achieve fuller and higher quality employment, Law School closely integrates the current situation of epidemic prevention and control work, conforms to the trend of online work and activities, uses digtal methods and conducts, detailed investigations to find out the exact situation of the graduates, start from the supply side, continue to work hard on "warm", make an essay on "quality and efficiency", and strive to accurately match the needs of classmates and take multiple measures. Through carrying out various forms of services and activities, Law School will continue to work hard to help students graduates smoothly and achieve better and higher-level employment.

Plan early, deploy first, and promote graduation in an orderly manner

In terms of promoting the successful graduation of 2020 graduates, the Law School mainly works on three aspects: "graduate party building", "degree thesis" and "graduate credits".

Party building for graduates:Carry out step by step and lead students'mind

Law School attaches great importance to the party building work of graduate students, implements the requirements, actively guides, conforms to the form of online work development, and solidly advances in the development of party members. Encourage the party branchs of graduate students to develop online themed party day activities in various ways. At present, the graduation grade has carried out 54 Party Day activities to study the spirit of the general secretary's reply letter.




Graduate degree thesis: deploy early, teachers are responsible

In terms of promoting the achievement of dissertation writing, the college takes the word "early" as the lead and deploys in advance. The graduation meeting of the graduate students was held at the beginning of the fall semester of the 19th year. The instructor team is conscientious and responsible, strictly follow the content of the graduation thesis writing normative documents, and under the framework of the overall requirements, develop personalized counseling programs according to the characteristics of the students they guide. Comprehensive use of multiple communication methods such as WeChat and e-mail to ensure that every student gets adequate guidance and communication during the writing of graduation thesis.

Under the double guarantee of advance and full system constraints and the serious responsibility of the instructors, the writing of graduation thesis for undergraduates and graduate students of Law School is progressing smoothly. Except for individual students who have submitted applications for postponement of graduation thesis due to special circumstances, other graduates have been on time Submit your graduation thesis. Law School adheres to the strict requirements of the thesis, and also flexibly adjusts the submission method according to the actual situation of the epidemic situation. On the basis of continuing the original defense system, the remote video defense pre-plan work is done well.

Graduate credit study-clear check, mechanism guarantee

 Law School adopts the working principle of combining “self-inspection in time and detailed release”. At the beginning of the fall semester of 19, the school will issue a “self-inspection form for credit completion” to the students in the graduating grade to help and urge the students to accurately check actual credit situation; in addition to implementary measures of self-examination, Law school also launched an innovative measure of information exchange "one page clear paper" to optimize the feedback quality of the college's teaching affairs information for the graduates' query content. Ensure that students have a precise grasp of their credit study situation.

Comprehensive measures to promote employment

"Knowing yourself and others, bridging gaps, enriching forms, and coordinating" is the school's working idea to promote graduates to achieve better and higher-level employment.

Detailed statistics- Knowing yourself

On March 6, the college launched the mid-term statistical work on the employment progress of the 2020 graduates, established a graduate employment information statistical ledger covering statistical items such as employment intentions, progress, existing problems and difficulties, and fully grasped the graduates' employment destination. And on this basis, we should further strengthen the employment guidance and service work that is accurate to the individual of the student in the special period, and improve the targetedness of the employment guidance work in the next stage.

Full market research-knowing the others

The college attaches great importance to the research on the employment market, clarifies the actual recruitment needs and the current status of job offers of employers under special forms of epidemic prevention work, and truly achieves "knowing each other". At the same time, find the deviation between the needs of graduates and the requirements of the employer, continuously expand the access to information, and share effective information with students in a timely manner, strive to find a bridge between existing deviations, and maximize the organic realization of the needs of students and the requirements of the employer Combine. Since the beginning of February, the College’s Employment Guidance Office has successively pushed and forwarded hundreds of legal-related job recruitment information and provided thousands of jobs through WeChat public accounts, WeChat groups, and mailboxes, providing comprehensive, timely and convenient access for graduates. Recruitment information to help. At the same time, the online selection of legal candidates for job search was successfully held, relying on student organizations to organize and share the online employment information of more than 130 well-known legal companies, and set up a communication platform between employers and graduates.




Employment Promotion Activities-Know Yourself and Know Your Others, Bridging Insufficiency

Under the premise of fully realizing "knowing ourselves and knowing each other", Law School actively targeted the resources of all sectors of the society in response to the deviation between graduate needs and job supply, and organized and planned various online such as recruitment briefings, talent salons and job search lectures. Employment promotion activities can effectively alleviate the "information panic" and "cognitive anxiety" caused by students 'failure to return to school, effectively enhance the students' job search skills and competitiveness, and effectively promote the smooth employment of graduates of law schools during the special period of the epidemic.

Law School actively assists graduates and students in clarifying the current employment situation, further consolidates the professional foundation, strengthens confidence, and strives to forge ahead, maintains a diligent and rigorous, pragmatic and realistic attitude towards academic study and career development creed, and forms a good career development plan. Law School has also launched a special job experience session for the selection of "Zhi Hai You Ya", inviting six fresh graduates who have passed the selection examination in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong, Hebei, Fujian and other places, targeting the selection policy , assessment methods, test preparation suggestions, career planning and other content to share experience. The wonderful sharing of the guests brought the students job search experience and skills, but also inspired the determination and enthusiasm of the students to actively respond to the call of the motherland and go to the places where the country needs it most.






One person, one policy, full coverage, build a protective wall for graduation employment

At the beginning of the epidemic prevention work, law school responded in time, formed a special working group, and adopted the "one-to-one implementation of concerns" to understand the situation of the epidemic situation in detail. In time, discover and understand the problems and difficulties encountered by the graduate group in life that may affect graduation and employment matters, and solve their worries. In addition, Law School also conducts one-on-one help and guidance actions for key special graduate groups such as students with financial difficulties in the family, students with psychological disabilities, minority students, and other key graduates. Difficulties in the study and job search progress, comprehensively grasp the comprehensive situation of these students, relieve them of the psychological burden in time, give assistance such as providing graduation arrangements, sharing information on employment guidance activities, job information, recommending internship opportunities, etc. Personalized help measures to avoid worries about graduates' employment issues.

At present, the epidemic prevention and control work has entered a new stage. On the basis of consolidating the existing achievements, Law School continues to respond to the school’s policies and guidelines, and implements "warm spring action" ,communicated with more than 600 graduate students through phone, focusing on the situation of ideology, graduation, employment, academics, psychology, etc., follow up regularly, do a good job of account book, achieve 100% coverage, one person and one strategy. Provide one-to-one development counseling to students who are focused on, to solve the needs of graduates to the greatest extent, and do their best to provide graduates with employment support and job security.

Next, the Law School will continue to take the word "warm" as core and quality as the pursuit, continue to play the active role of the existing information collection, communication, and assistance to the working group to face all the details and clarify the problem. Leading the mind, caring for the body and mind, making overall plans, and accurately implementing strategies, comprehensively promoting the promotion of graduate employment related to the graduate group. All forces of the hospital will continue to work together to build a "protective wall" against the impact of the epidemic on graduates, and provide a solid guarantee for all graduates to graduate smoothly and achieve high-level wide-caliber satisfactory employment.


Translated by:Wang Ran