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Peking University Law School Continues to Care for Students in Hubei


The virus is merciless, but people have feelings. As long as everyone unites, we can overcome the current difficulties. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Peking University Law School has continued to pay attention to the physical and mental health of students in Hubei. It has helped  school send masks, letters of sympathy, postcards, books, fitness supplies and other materials to students on several occasions. It has provided accurate assistance to students from poor families in Hubei, and ensured that students in Hubei can participate in online teaching smoothly.

In order to deeply understand the students' physical and mental conditions and actual needs in Hubei, Law School has, since January 23, kept close contact with the students in Hubei through the one-to-one contact and communication mechanism, actively cared for, timely provided feedback and tried its best to help solve the difficulties the students encountered in their daily lives and studies, repeatedly told the students to pay attention to personal protection, actively adjusted their mindset, continuously transmitted the policies of the schools and colleges on epidemic prevention, teaching, employment, funding and other aspects, cooperated with relevant school departments to provide comprehensive psychological guidance, and escorted the students in Hubei throughout the whole course to ensure that they would have no worry about home and study at ease.

The gift itself may be light as a goose feather, but sent from afar, it conveys deep feeling. Since February 6, Law School has successively sent masks, books, home fitness products and other condolences to students in Hubei, as well as letters of sympathy. With postcards printed with the scenery of Yanyuan in early spring, Law School has sent warmth and solicitude to students in areas with serious epidemic diseases, encouraging students in Hubei to strengthen their confidence and overcome difficulties together.



In addition, Law School has focused on students of Hubei who are stranded in other places, whose families are in financial difficulties and who have difficulties in participating in remote teaching, got in touch with them in time and actively coordinated multi-channel resources to help them solve problems.

No winter is insurmountable, and no spring will not come. In the next stage of work, Law School will continue to strictly implement the requirements of school's prevention and control work, concentrate on serving the needs of young people, Let students feel the warmth and strength of school and college with practical actions.


Translated by: Xu Luyu

Edited by: Xu Luyu