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Law Firms' Lecture "Job Hunting without Boundary" Held Successfully

On the evening of March 27, the lecture “Job Hunting without Boundary”, which was co-sponsored by the Law School Career Development Office and the Master of Law Union, was successfully held in the form of an online live broadcast of the Tencent conference. Three senior HRs from well-known law firms was invited to explain the current employment situation from an accurate perspective of the employer. They also introduced the selection criteria, unveiled the mysterious yashmak of recruitment, and gave guidance and suggestions on future career development. More than 200 law school graduates and students participated online.


At the beginning of the event, the moderator pointed out that this lecture was aimed at responding to the immediate needs of the majority of students under the influence of coronavirus. It focused on solving the pain points of the students in the field of career development, and tried to help students deal with job hunting calmly.


First of all, Zhou Mengfei, the manager of the personnel department of Beijing Shihui Law Firm, went through students’ concerns in terms of the current employment situation under the coronavirus. Besides, she analyzed how to face and reduce employment pressure for students under the background of epidemic situation from the aspects of self-cultivation and seizing opportunities. At the same time, she introduced the recruitment process and selection criteria of the law firm in detail based on the characteristics and talent concept of Shihui Law Firm.



Later, Zhao Tongtong, the legal recruitment manager of Dawei Law Firm in the USA, introduced the development history and Chinese business of Dawei Law Firm. Manager Zhao highlighted the recruitment plan and standards of Dawei Law Firm for domestic law schools in 2019-2020, and provided valuable job search information and suggestions for students.



Finally, Qiu Jun, Director of Human Resources of Jingtian Gongcheng Law Firm, shared his analysis about the conservative recruitment strategy that employers may turn to in the epidemic situation. Combining with the current job market environment, he focused on responding to the doubts of the students. Meanwhile, he provided graduates and students with solutions respectively.



Translated by: Zhao Meng

Edited by: Zhao Meng