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Peking University Legal Experts Continue to Contribute to Think Tank Achievements in Epidemic Prevention and Control

Law experts at Peking University have been working hard to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and to resume production and production, and to face the severe situation of multi-point outbreaks in many countries. Since mid-March, Sun Dongdong submitted the 13th think tank achievement to the school's "Think Tank News". In addition, Xue Jun, Lou Jianbo, Jin Jinping, Wang Shizhou and other teachers continued to submit think tank suggestions to the school. The contents of the think tank report include: to prevent systemic risks caused by new business forms under the epidemic situation; how to understand the external anti-epidemic, correct propaganda and guidance; private rescue should become the main method of international anti-epidemic rescue; Strengthen the defense of lawyers; establish a seamless connection of the entry and epidemic prevention control system; accelerate the restoration of the normalization of domestic economic production and social life; increase the capacity of medical protection assets, and provide anti-epidemic materials to the countries of the world as much as possible; Internationally unified policy framework and emergency plan for combating epidemic diseases.


In addition, since mid-March, Wang Xin, Wang Xixin, Shen Kui, Jin Jinping and other legal experts have continued to publish the research results of think tanks in the newspapers and new media to the public. The content involves: criminal justice concepts for handling anti-epidemic prevention and control cases; introduction of information The competition mechanism promotes the disclosure of epidemic information; seek a balance between epidemic prevention and personal information protection; private international rescue; permanent residence regulations for foreigners and super national treatment. The “Following” column on the homepage of Peking University Law School continuously forwards a series of countermeasure reports and voices from Peking University to enhance the social spread and influence of Peking University law think tank research.


Translated by: Zhou Yuansong

Edited by: Zhao Meng