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Peking University Legal Youth Took Actions to learn from Lei Feng

March 5, 2020 is the 57th annual anniversary to learn from Lei Feng and the 21st Chinese Youth Volunteer Service Day. For more than half a century, Lei Feng's noble and pure spirit has still inspired Chinese people. We have never forgotten that Academician Zhong Nanshan went to the front line of the epidemic in his 80s. We have never forgotten that the dense and bright red fingerprints of the doctors on the written request for the assignment.

Faced with the epidemic, youth of Peking University have worked hard to help from all directions, playing a solid and reliable role. On this special day in this special period, we want to share two stories of legal youth students participating in voluntary service for epidemic prevention and control.

Long Hongyu: I just did what ordinary people could do for everyone

Long Hongyu is a 2019 master of law in Law School.

During the anti-epidemic period, it is of great significance to understand the movement of citizens in a district with imported cases as the main source. In mature communities, complete anti-epidemic systems can better perform investigation and registration, but those older communities without complete systems need the help of volunteers.

On February 12, after a 14-day outbreak inspection period after returning home safely, Long Hongyu immediately responded to the call of the local Party organization and went to the neighborhood committee and joined the community investigation as a volunteer. Long Hongyu's main work is to go to the assigned community, and go from door to door to ask and register if there are people from outside the city, if anyone has a fever and cough, and to urge the public to avoid going out.



On February 24, Long Hongyu took up the second volunteer work. She stood guard at the gate of the District People's Procuratorate to measure the temperature of the people of entry and exit, and check their documents of entry and exit. Although it rained, she only thought that only when the epidemic prevention work was done well and the epidemic situation could be controlled earlier, could everyone return to normal life as soon as possible, and could she return to normal life soon back to Peking University.



Long Hongyu expressed that she was initially affected by her mother. As a party member, her mother returned to prevention work early and encouraged her to contribute to epidemic prevention. She once concerned with safety problems. But on the one hand, the neighborhood committee has distributed epidemic prevention supplies. On the other hand, She thought there are still a group of doctors and police who are still on the front line and those who are guarding us in every ordinary position. There must be someone brave enough to lead everyone and serve everyone, so that we can defeat the epidemic as soon as possible.



Li Meng: As a party member, this is what I should do

The community where Li Meng, the 2019 master of law in Law School lives, is located in Xicheng District, Beijing, which has large areas and has many family members. Even during the epidemic period, there are still seven access routes in the community. But because the number of participants is small, and the task assigned to each volunteer becomes less easy. Li Meng did not flinch, even when the initial supplies of epidemic were scarce and volunteers needed to bring their own masks.

Li Meng's main work is to be on duty at the gate of the community, verify the pass for each person who enters the community, and measure body temperature. For those who did not have a pass, especially returnees, it is necessary to register information in detail. She was usually on duty for 4 hours each, but she never complained.



In the community where Li Meng lives, there are many elderly people and migrants. According to community workers, nearly 500 tenants have returned to Beijing since February. Therefore, besides completing the daily personnel registration and inspection, Li Meng and the other volunteers must also disinfect public contact facilities around their posts, such as fitness equipment and trash cans. More than a month after the epidemic, some residents began to relax their vigilance, go out without wearing masks, and even gather to play chess. Li Meng also took on the task of persuasive work of the elderly during the duty. Assisting community workers to post slogans, and publicize protection knowledge has also become Li Meng's normal work, and the prevention awareness of community residents has improved significantly, and more and more residents take the initiative to actively cooperate with community epidemic prevention work.



Li Meng said expressed that during the epidemic, she was deeply moved by the reports of the frontline medical staff against the epidemic, and it also made her think about what she could do as a young party member. February 24th was her first day on duty. With the gradual returns of work, she and the other volunteers will also start to care about the self-isolation of returnees. Li Meng believes that volunteer work is busy and hard, but it’s actually more fun. She was impressed that an old party member brought hot water to them every hour. In the face of the epidemic, party members must take the lead in uniting, acting, and playing important roles. Only in this way can we win the war against epidemic.



Learning the spirit of Lei Feng is the great feeling of sticking to faith and being a backbone; it is also a small warmth that everyone can learn from and can do everywhere. To find the connection of the ordinary and the great, individual and nation, limited life and unlimited dedication, is not only glowing our own glory but also lighting up the lives of the others.

Peking University Legal Youth will continue to learn from Lei Feng and write practical, action-packed, vibrant, lively and youthful stories.


Translated by: Yin Ziyou

Edited by: Yin Ziyou