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Peking University legal experts actively advise on fighting the epidemic and restoring production

In the national fight against the epidemic and the restoration of production, the legal experts of Peking University continued to make suggestions to the country and Beijing and actively play the role of scientific think tanks.

The school collected the achievements of think tanks in various fields all around the school through the "Beijing University Think Tank Report: Fighting the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic Special Issue". Legal experts have contributed 29 copies. Among them, Sun Dongdong, an expert on health jurisprudence, contributed 11 articles in light of the phased issues in the fight against the epidemic nationwide, especially in Beijing. It covered several important areas, including promotion of the country's ability to deal with emergent public health and security hazards, insight of the trend of the epidemic’s development, suggestions on prevention and control epidemic, joint prevention and control in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, prevention of back-to-back outbreaks, international voice in global public health security, advance in a hierarchical medical system, reform of the title system for clinical medical personnel and fight for comprehensive national poverty alleviation.

In addition, teachers such as Shen Kui, Jin Jinping, Xue Jun, Chen Ruoying, Che Hao, Guo Yu, Chen Yifeng, Jiang Daxing, Xiao Jiangping, Gan Chaoying, Zhang Qianfan, Chen Minghui, etc. make suggestions on major issues, including releasing the information on prevention and control of infectious diseases, deploying the rescue materials, government expropriation,  legal regulation of charitable activities in emergencies, protection of special groups such as medical staff and truck drivers in the process of fighting against epidemic, foreign trade import and export and international transportation under the epidemic, grassroots social governance, market regulation, restoration of national production, etc.

While actively submitting the achievements of the think tank, Mr. Sun Dongdong was invited to serve as a member of the National and Beijing Experts Group for the Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Epidemic. He made the most of his professional advantages, participated in the formulation of prevention and control plans, and submit a report to the Beijing Committee of the Chinese Peasants And Workers Democratic Party and the CPPCC. Before the Spring Festival, Professor Sun has submitted to the Beijing Committee of the Communist Party of China and People’s Government of Beijing Municipality a report about grid management, strict prevention and control measures for the two airports, three railway stations, and all entrances to Beijing, delays in start of colleges and universities and the formulation of prevention and control plans, extension of motor vehicle suspension. The recommendations have been implemented by the relevant departments.

(Contributed byPKULS Scientific Research Office)

Translated by: Fang leyun

Edited by: Jiang Lu