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Law school students unite their efforts to contribute to the coronavirus

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the whole country has undergone a severe test. In this battle, students from the Peking University Law School actively cooperated with the coronavirus prevention work, dedicated their utmost to contribute, and delivered young power into the battle.


Colorful and diverse Party Day activities:


In order to strengthen the guiding role of the party and league organization, the Party and League branches and league organizations of PKULS continue to carry out various forms of online Party and League theme day activities through video conferences, promotion of coronavirus prevention tips, and share of learning experiences to help students improve online communication.

Gather youth strength and fight the coronavirus together

Online learning activities of the PKULS students


Online Legal Aid Volunteer Service:


Volunteers from the Legal Aid Association organized a series of online legal aid volunteer service activities to address the hot issues of social concern during the coronavirus prevention and control, using PKU BBS, public mailbox, QQ voice, WeChat public account, etc. The society actively provides online legal consultation, and publishes a series of law popularization articles, actively promotes the prevention and control of the disease, showing the dedication and responsibility of young legal professionals at PKU. 

Legal Aid Association organizes online legal consultation and legal popularization volunteer services


Young legal persons participate in front-line volunteer work:


During the winter vacation, many law school students volunteered to participate in the frontline volunteer service of coronavirus prevention and control in various places, and used their actions to contribute to the safety of local community.

Wang Yanqing: Youth must take their responsibility

Ma Haiqi: Everyone can be a practitioner of citizenship

Mi Yan: Do what you can and contribute a little bit of your own strength


During this special period when the nation and the Communist Party are going through the difficult times, the students of the PKULS have been taking practical actions to win the overall battle for prevention and control of the coronavirus and the battle for resistance. We believe that the coronavirus will eventually pass, and young people will meet in a more beautiful spring!


Translator:Jiang Lu

Editor:Jiang Lu