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Peking University's "Future Leader" Class Walks with "Million Masks Action"

In the spring of 2020, a severe epidemic brought us all psychic shock. Each generation has its own experience and responsibility. In the face of the epidemic, Peking University students are presenting a satisfactory answer sheet, and the students of the "Future Leader" class of Peking University Law School are no exception.


They actively responded to the "Million Masks Action" initiated by Peking University. Under the leadership of the class leaders and class committees, the three classmates united as one and actively participated in it. They established a donation group and raised a total of 60,000 yuan in just three days. In the name of the "Future Leader" class of the Peking University Law School, it was donated to a special account for collecting donations from the Peking University Alumni Association of Hubei Province for the global procurement of medical masks and donated to the front line of Hubei's epidemic resistance.

During the donation process, the students said that as Chinese, Peking University, and Peking University legal person, we have responsibility when the country is in trouble. We must do our utmost to make a contribution to ending the epidemic as soon as possible, and look forward to spring blossoms, and everyone will meet again.

Deputy dean of the Peking University School of Law Yang Xiaolei said: "When the country is in trouble, we can see the true heart, and when people act, we can see the real action. Only when we act, can we be the real power." The students of the "Leader of the Future" class do seemingly simple things, but practice tells us that simple things nowadays are often the hardest and most meaningful.


Liu Meng,deputy director of the "Million Masks Action Committee" and the chairman of Hubei Peking University Alumni Association, also praised the students of the "Future Leader Class" for their kindness and love. The snow and ice are gradually melting and the new buds are beginning to bloom. Peking University and you look forward to spring!


Translated by: Wang Hui

Edited by: Yin ziyou