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Law school held video communication meeting for students staying in school

At 2:00 p.m. on February 10, PKULS held a video communication meeting for students. Pan Jianfeng, Dean of law school, Guo Li, Secretary of the Party committee, Lu Jiangnan, vice secretary of the Party committee, Shi Shi, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Zhang Runzhi and Zhang Jianing, full-time counselors, Zhang Dongxiao and Li Wanyu, and current students who stay at the school participate in the meeting online. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Shi.



First of all, Prof. Pan expressed concern for the physical and living condition of all students. He also reminded students to improve their awareness of protection, maintain healthy living habits and contact the college as soon as possible in case of any problems and difficulties. The college will try its best to help them solve the problems. Besides, Prof. Pan also introduced the recent teaching arrangement of PKULS. His speech ended with encouragement to all the students that they should adapt to the online learning mode actively, adjust the learning rhythm and ensure the learning quality.



After that, Mr. Guo reviewed his study and life experience in school during the SARS epidemic in 2003.Then he required the students to strictly abide by the recent discipline requirements of the school and create a healthy and safe campus environment together. Mr. Guo encouraged students to communicate with their families , and at the same time they should keep a good pace of learning and spend this period with a positive and optimistic attitude.



Finally, the students and teachers had a direct communication on the current physical and living conditions, the confusion and problems in the recent study life.



On the basis of novel coronavirus and condolences, students will be sent to the students' dormitories and their products. The video communication will further convey the discipline requirements and work arrangements of schools and colleges during the epidemic prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia, and consolidate the communication platform between the students and the college. One. According to the unified deployment of the University, the college will do a solid job in epidemic prevention with a high sense of responsibility.


Translated by: Qin Peizhao

Edited by: Zhao Meng