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Peking University Law School Think Tank offer advice and suggestions to prevent and control COVID-19 and resume production

In the fight against COVID-19, Peking University legal experts take active participation in providing advice and functioning as a scientific research think tanks.


Health law expert Prof.Sun Dongdong was invited to serve as a member of China and Beijing expert teams for the prevention and control of COVID-19. The expert teamsmade full use of their professional advantages by participating in the formulation of prevention and control plans and submitted reports to the Beijing Committee of Chinese Peasants And Workers Party Democratic Party and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference; Prof.Sun has submitted suggestions referring to grid management, strict prevention and control measures for the two airports, three railway stations and all entrances to Beijing, delay in the opening of colleges and universities, preparation for prevention and control plans and extension of no restriction of motor vehicles to the Party Committee and the People's Government of Beijing Municipality. Chen Yongsheng, an expert in criminal procedure law, accepted an exclusive interview with CCTV about the "criminal issues involved in COVID-19". Civil Law expert Ge Yunsong released "management of donation policy for charitable organizations", Charity Law expert Jin Jinping released "special management policy for non-profit organizations in emergency situations", and constitutional and administrative expert Wang Xixin released "legal responsibility for rumors", Administrative Law expert  Shen Kui addressed " law revision problems caused by Dali's 'requisition' ", Criminal Law expert Che Hao addressed "places, objects, and methods of epidemic isolation ", and E-commerce Law expert Xue Jun addressed "e-commercial enterprises actively take on social responsibilities at the critical moment in the fight against COVID-19" " the state should urgently authorize the use of e-commerce companies such as Ali,, and SF to engage in disaster relief work "" Controlling the flow of personnel, but do not cut off the e-commerce logistics channel " “urgently requisition a large number of buildings and halls for effective medical isolation in Wuhan, "we must protect our medical staff" and other important issues during the anti- COVID-19fight, provided expert advice, and used new media to publish suggestions promptly and widely, issued the voice of Peking University. Until February 11, there were nearly 20 decision reports submitted or published by Peking University legal experts.


In actively cooperating with the China and Beijing think tanks in fighting the COVID-19, a number of emerging and courageous Peking University think tanks have been highlighted, such as the newly established "Peking University E-Commerce Law Research Center" in 2018, since January 30, 2020 From now on, the center has used Wechat public account "Research on Electronic Commerce Law" to publish five expert suggestions, which has received wide public attention and has great influence. At the same time, the center has submitted the results of think tanks to Peking University, one of which aims to provide expert recommendations on handling the dilemma between prevention and control COVID-19 and economic development.


Peking University Law School attaches great importance to the expert decision-making suggestions and restoring production in combating COVID-19, and has mobilized teachers to submit research results of think tanks to the university; Law School's "Follow" section on the homepage, continuously forwards a series of countermeasure reports in order to promote the social dissemination and influence of Peking University's law think tank research.


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Translated by: Li Yue

Edited by: Zhao Meng