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Law School Visits Students Staying at School during Winter Vacation

On February 2, on the premise of meeting the requirements of epidemic prevention, Law School visited students staying at school during winter vacation one by one, asking about their physical and mental health, providing correct and effective epidemic prevention guidance and sending them warm care.


On the premise of full preparation for protection and compliance with relevant specifications, leaders and counselors of PKULS visited every law student staying at school, including Yanyuan Campus, Wanliu Campus, Changchunyuan Campus and Changchunxinyuan Campus, communicating with students about their physical and psychological conditions and recent life conditions. They also distributed masks, thermometers and other epidemic prevention materials for students and delivered some supplies.



The teachers carefully told the students about epidemic prevention, reminding them to improve their awareness of protection, comply with the requirements of the school, keep healthy living habits, and reasonably arrange their study and life during the vacation. At the same time, the students were told to keep the communication unblocked, actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention work, and contact the school as soon as they have any difficulties.



At present, the epidemic situation needs more concentration to overcome the difficulties. The visit made the students fully feel actual care and help from the school, which laid the foundation for the school to deeply knew the physical and mental dynamics of the students during the epidemic prevention period and ensure the smooth and orderly development of  epidemic prevention work in school.


Translated by: Tian Lian

Edited by: Zhao Meng