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PKULS-Guangdong Provincial Prosecutor’s Office’s training seminar was successful hold

On the morning of December 3, the opening ceremony of the seminar on improving the ability of professional crime prosecution business of the Guangdong Provincial Procuratorate, was held in the lecture hall of (Leo) Koguan Building. Wang Huihua, Director of the Third People's Procuratorate of Guangdong Province, and Lu Jiangnan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the PKULS, attended the event. The opening ceremony was presided over by Jia Weiwei, deputy director of the Domestic Cooperation Office of the School of Law. 

In the opening speech, Deputy Secretary Lu Jiangnan extended a warm welcome to the trainees and paid tribute to the front-line inspectors who were able to take part in the training during the busy work at the end of the year. He mentioned that in the new era, the opportunities and challenges of judicial practice and the training of legal talents coexist. The close combination of legal theory researchers and legal practitioners is the need of the times and is the general trend. Vivid practice of school cooperation and knowledge-action interaction. He also introduced the rich and three-dimensional curriculum system of this training course. He hoped that the trainees will give full play to their enthusiasm for learning, fully communicate with the teachers, and actively interact with each other to form a research-oriented research atmosphere. Strong academic atmosphere; not only gains in business literacy, but also ideological and spiritual levels, harvesting a happy and full learning journey. 

In his mobilization speech, Director Wang Huihua first expressed his thanks to the PKULS on behalf of the Guangdong Provincial Procuratorate. Director Wang mentioned that this seminar is the first training course for duty crime prosecution lines after the reform of the internal procuratorial organs of Guangdong Province. The purpose of the seminar is to implement the requirements of the national and provincial criminal procuratorial work conferences to help promote the provincial job Criminal prosecution level. Director Wang put forward three requirements to the trainees: firstly, to raise awareness and enhance learning consciousness; secondly, to invest in the whole body and taste the great meal of law; thirdly, to study seriously and ensure the learning effect. In the end, Director Wang wished the trainees something to gain in this seminar and to move forward in their future work. 

PKULSGuangdong Provincial Prosecutor’s Office for Provincial Prosecutors’ Qualifications for Promoting Professional Trainingis another successful cooperation between PKULS and Guangdong Procuratorate in the field of high-end training. The law school has attached great importance to the training course, which lasted for eight days. , High level of faculty and strong professionalism of the curriculum. Prof. Zhu Suli, Che Hao, Liang Genlin, Bai Jianjun, Chen Duanhong, Jiang Sui, Chen Ruihua, Chen Yongsheng, Wang Xin, Wang Xizin and professors of Tsinghua University Law School, etc. Classes are taught, and the teaching content is themed on duty crimes, involving legal big data analysis, criminal law legislation, exclusion of illegal evidence, confessions and leniency systems, anti-money laundering, personal information, and other fields. The course content is rich and enriched, combining theory with practice , Help to improve the core knowledge system for trainees, and improve the level of professional crime prosecution business. 

It is believed that in the future, the PKULS and the Guangdong Procuratorate will further expand the content and form of cooperation, carry out more, broader, deeper and more diverse cooperation to strive for new results and performance. 


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